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Goodbye UTEP and Prospy and thanks for the journalistic adventure


I’ve always been one to take the initiative in order to keep advancing in life, and one to look at other alternatives rather than giving up. Much like how journalists have been doing for a long time. Becoming a journalist is my dream. It’s a dream I didn’t know I had until recent years at UTEP. I searched high and low for a major that fit my skills, personality and passions. Finally I ended up head over heels for this profession.

I’ve been deviated into other career paths by what other people thought I should do, by taking the easy way out and conforming to what was expected of me. However, when I finally took a step back and listened to the “language of the world,” multimedia journalism spoke to me. It was only a matter of time before I realized my calling and pursued such an interesting, challenging, eye-opening and inspiring career.

The element that I most value in life is the truth and becoming a journalist has given me a platform where I can speak my mind and speak the truth. I call it “standing in the sun.” Imagine being at the beach, relaxing on the shore with your feet in the sand, waiting for the waves to reach you and in a way purify you. All the while, the rays of the sun on your skin make you shine and keep you warm. When you stand in the sun, you’re exposed, yet you’re at peace. You’re your true self. This is what journalists are trying to do for the world and how being a journalist makes me feel.

Uncovering stories through writing, taking photos of the fragments of life around us, recording what needs to be shared around the world while traveling the globe and meeting new people who are capable of making an impact within their societies are my goals in life. These are goals that I was able to accomplish and get closer to by being part of a great team at The Prospector. I was hesitant to join at first because it meant I was actually taking a step into the real world. But I would do it again, eagerly, and even earlier in life than I did.

At The Prospector, I was taught that journalists are students and teachers, simultaneously. They learn something new every day and then they go out and spread that knowledge. When they try to be silenced, they find other means of distributing the news without leaving any nook and cranny untouched. Working with this team taught me that journalists are good people, because they care for others more than they care for themselves.

To be a journalist is to be great and I always strive for greatness. To be a journalist is to be constantly challenged and I always like a stimulating environment. It’s how most great ideas are developed and how most great people come to make a change and difference in life. To be a journalist, for me, means to be happy, and everyone deserves to feel happy.

Aylin Tafoya may NOT be reached at [email protected]

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Goodbye UTEP and Prospy and thanks for the journalistic adventure