UTEP hosts first spring scrimmage at SAC


Adrian Broaddus, Copy Editor

UTEP football team traveled to the east side on Friday night for a scrimmage at the SISD Student Activities Center.

“This is a great night where we’ve got beautiful weather and we got a super, super turnout really,” head coach Dana Dimel said.  “This is fantastic.  The fans stayed all the way through and we had a good, long workout.  This is just something that was really neat, a great idea and very much a positive moving forward.”

Athletic director Jim Senter held a town hall to start the event and took questions from fans. He also introduced men’s basketball coach Rodney Terry to join the program.

The Miners practiced in scrimmage scenarios, featuring quarterbacks Kai Locksley and Ryan Metz. They were able to debut their new offense and defense, and found a starting point for their team.