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Shows to binge and snack to

Special to The Prospector

If your idea of a fun spring break consists of sitting back and relaxing here are eight Netflix shows to binge watch along with some snacks to enhance the experience:


The classic American sitcom revolves around six friends in their 20s, who live in Manhattan. Over the course of 10 years, to viewers witnesses the group of friends going through mayhem, family problems, romance, drama and most importantly, lots of laughs—basically all the aspects of friendships. The show was nominated for 62 Emmys throughout its 10-year run. Every season, the show ranked within the top-10 of the final television season’s ratings.

Pair a nice cup of coffee or tea with your favorite pastry such as a slice of cake and you’ll feel like you’re sitting with the Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Monica at the Central Perk Café.

“Parks and Recreation”

“Parks and Recreation” follows the life of Leslie Knope and her love for public office. As the deputy director of the parks and recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana, Knope hopes to make her town a better place and further her career. She becomes best friends with nurse Ann Perkins after she complains to Knope about the necessity of filling in a pit that her unemployed boyfriend, Andy Dwier, had fallen into and injured himself. The mockumentary show follows Knope and the rest of the employees of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, Ron, Tom, April, Donna, Andy, Ben, Chris and Jerry. The show ran for seven seasons on NBC.

Watch all seven seasons while you eat some waffles, which will make you feel like you’re at Leslie’s favorite food from JJ’s Diner.

“Queer Eye”

One of the newest series on Netflix is a reboot of the early 2000s show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” The Fab Five consists of Antoni, the food expert, Bobby, the interior designer, Tan, the fashion stylist, Jonathan, the hair stylist, and Karamo, the culture expert. In every episode, the Fab Five transforms the life of a straight guy in need of an upgrade. While it just sounds like a makeover show, it’s much more than that. The show is heart-wrenching and emotional, but it also gets a little political by addressing homosexuality, religion and even police brutality.

Pair it with a nice glass of your favorite wine and charcuterie (cheese and meat board) to feel just as fancy and classy as the Fab Five.

“The End of the F***ing World”

This Netflix series takes a dark twist on romance. James , a 17-year-old who claims to be a psychopath, is fascinated with murder. In the series, James meets Alyssa, a hostile teen, whom he pretends to fall in love with, but all he really wants to do is to kill her. The two teens run away together and engage in some very dangerous and violent incidents. Although the series sounds a bit obscure and daunting, it’s actually quite romantic. The series is based on a graphic novel of the same title. The dark comedy received a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Watch this show with a friend or partner and enjoy some blueberry pancakes, like the ones Alyssa orders for breakfast, and don’t forget the “extra f***ing spoon.”

“Everything Sucks”

The series is a coming-of-age show that takes place in Boring, Oregon, in 1996. The show revolves around a group of freshmen who join the AV club and join forces with the Drama Club to get through high school together. It tackles the awkwardness that comes with being a teenager in high school and what it’s like to be an outsider. The show resembles other shows on Netflix such as “Freaks and Geeks” and “Glee.”

“Everything Sucks” is full of ‘90s nostalgia, so watch this show while you snack on a Hot Pocket, a six-pack of Zima (the ‘90s’ Smirnoff Ice) or your favorite ‘90s snack.

“The Office”

The iconic mockumentary comedy, based on the  British series of the same name, follows the employees of the Dunder Mifflin branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Michael Scott, the overly confident and clueless office manager, aims to lead his employees to become the best branch of the paper company.  The show aired for nine seasons on NBC and won several Emmy Awards.

If you want to feel like you’re a part of the office crew, get takeout from Chili’s and pretend you’re celebrating with them at the annual Dundie Awards.

“Black Mirror”

The creepy science fiction show, inspired by the “Twilight Zone,” deals with modern culture and the concerns of new technologies. Each episode tells a different dark story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Watch all four seasons of “Black Mirror” while you snack on some Oreos or your favorite comfort food. You might want to place a sticker over your laptop camera because you never know who’s watching.

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