Basketball intramural opens opportunity for students


Claudia Hernandez

The “Dream Team” defeated the “Blue Team” 72-64 in the championship game of the UTEP basketball intramural on Friday afternoon at the Student Recreation Center.

Isaiah Ramirez, Contributor

The UTEP Student Recreation Center hosted a 5-on-5 intramural basketball game between some competitive and enthusiastic Miner students on Friday afternoon.

The game was the championship matchup, which was the finals of the intramural basketball tournament that began on Monday, Feb. 26.

There were many spectators which included several UTEP football athletes enjoying the game and supporting several of their teammates playing in the game.

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The team known as the “Dream Team” came out with the victory over the “Blue Team” 72-64, in a 40-minute, fast-paced matchup. Several of the students even showed off their athleticism with a great display of dunks, which unfortunately led to several technicals due to dunks being banned within the league.

The tournament was a great way for students to compete against one another in a sport that is widely known across the campus. The intramural basketball league is featured with a plethora of teams, with this semester 60 teams signing up to be apart of this exciting league.

All classifications from Freshmen to Seniors may join the league as the Student Recreation Center is encouraging more freshman participation, due to low amount of freshman that did sign up for the league this semester.

Basketball is not the only sport UTEP students can participate in this semester, students may sign up to play indoor soccer this spring semester as well as softball and outdoor soccer in the later half of the spring semester.

Students are encouraged to visit the Intramural League home for UTEP online at for more information regarding intramural participation.