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El Paso’s ‘Pet People’ set to go on their ‘Tiny Texas Tour’

Special to The Prospector

Vocalist and guitar player Nicole Velarde, and drummer Tom Tinajero, used to played together in a different  band before joining bass and keyboard players Robie Simsuangco and Ross Ingram to form Pet People in 2016.

The band’s name was a collective effort, stemming from the members’ love for animals.

“It was open ended enough that it could mean a couple of things. And it’s funny to see what people think it means too,” Velarde said.

With each of them bringing their personal style to the band, they described their sound as “flutter pop”. A mix of indie vocals and progressive beats take you to an Alice in Wonderland-esque setting.

“I’ve always felt like genres are weird, but it’s pretty hard to explain what you are without using a genre,” Simsuangco said. “We all have different backgrounds, but we also have different places where we intersect.”

Pet People recorded their first double-single album “Being A Man / A Breeze To Guide You Forward” featuring two-sister tracks, expected to be released in the spring, the members of Pet People are still working on choosing the right tittle for their first studio production.

These tracks  are the oldest and newest addition to their set list, showcasing the progress they’ve made as a band and as musicians themselves.

With a brand  new album Pet People is set to go on the road to with their “Tiny Texas Tour”.

The tour is set to start and end in El Paso, with shows also in Denton, San Antonio, and other cities around the state.

As many artists Pet People’s goal is not only to promote their music and enjoy the stage, but also try to make a living out of their passion.

“The monetary side is about being able to sustain ourselves. Make enough money from this thing so that we can do the next thing,” Ingram said.

Pet People has performed their songs at local venues like The  Lowbrow Palace, Love Buzz and Monarch where they previously had a pajama-themed show.

The themes in their music consist of various philosophical takes of being human as well as criticisms they have of every-day life. This can be seen in their song “Making Sense.”

“I don’t ever want to write in a way that is spoon-feeding the listener. I think that’s insulting to them, so there are some vague themes but I want it to be a unique experience when they listen to it,” said Velarde.

When describing their songwriting, Pet People expressed that their music-making progress is a cooperative process.

“One song we have was literally a 4 second idea and we turned it into a five-minute song,” said Ingram.

When asked if they had any advice for other musicians who want to get together and make their own music, the band offered some personal insight from lessons they’ve learned through the course of their careers.

“Write songs not sounds. Let the songs go wherever they go. Do it for the right reasons, because you care about the art, so others will care about the art. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, just do your own thing and get it done, and love it” said Tinajero.

Pet People will be performing at the Lowbrow Palace on Feb. 24,  to promote their double single album before starting their “Tiny Texas Tour.”



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El Paso’s ‘Pet People’ set to go on their ‘Tiny Texas Tour’