Cheech Marin’s art collection showcased at El Paso Museum of Art

Claudia Flores, Entertainment Editor

“Papel Chicano Dos” an art collection from Cheech Marin sits in the El Paso Museum of Art until June 17.

The collection features 65 art pieces in different techniques such as watercolors, pastels and serigraphs among others.

Besides paintings, the exhibit also features a car collection and some low-rider bicyle that showcase a part of the Chicano culture.

“I was ten years old when I started, my dad grew up in the whole riding scene so that’s pretty much how I grew up,” said Robert Diaz, a 34-year-old artist.

Diaz low-rider bike was featured as part of the exhibit. He said it took him about two years to create and build the piece.

“Is not every day that we’re invited to come here and I truly appreciate it,” Diaz said. “The Chicano art is very important to El Paso Community and as low-riders, we enjoy what do.”

Some of the artists featured, such as Mexican artists Carlos Almaraz and Carlos Donjuan were chosen by Marin to be part of this exhibit, as their pieces bring a different view of the Chicano experience.

“It is a wonderful exhibit, with all the paintings, the cars and everything,” Mary Yañez, a 74-year-old attendee said. “This is a very important exhibit in El Paso because we have so much history and we have so much talent here that truly represents El Paso.”

The pieces not only represent the relevance of the Chicano culture, but they also include a range of historical issues and struggles in the Chicano movement.

“Papel Chicano Dos” will be on display through June 17 at the El Paso Museum of Art. For more information visit