SGA holds Valentine’s themed fest at the Union Breezeway

Daniel Mendez, Staff Reporter

On Feb. 14,  SGA hosted its second annual “SGA Loves UTEP” at the Union breezeway from 11 to 2 p.m where students could pass by to enjoy of the different booths and activities  The Valentine’s Day-themed carnival filled with a kissing photo booth, a wedding both, chocolate covered strawberries, some karaoke and dance moves by Pay Dirt Pete.


Each booth had its own entity that highlighted a resource SGA has to offer for its 25,000 students they represent.


SGA President Kristen Ahumada, wanted each booth at the carnival to highlight SGA.


“So essentially what we want to do is market all the resources that we have to offer at student government,” Ahumada said. “If you see all the booths it’s catered to an entity whether it’s corporations or flyers to inform students on how to apply for funds or applications.”


Many students flocked with the opportunity to munch on free pizza and doughnuts, but at the same time, SGA was offering ways to help spread the love.


Junior, Jessica Magallaes, participated in the love fest by making a card.


“It’s pretty fun it’s a great way to get students together and do different kinds of activities with them,” Magallaes said. ” Not just you know to come here to the university study and go home. We just made a card for senior citizens and I think that’s pretty cool.”



Another student Eduardo Meraz, junior, thought it was nice how SGA went out of their way for the students they represent.


“When you’re busy focusing on your studies it’s nice to see student government is interested in developing things that go beyond the academics and I feel student government supportive in that way,” Meraz said.



Abner Moreno, graduate senator for graduate school with SGA, expressed the appreciation SGA has for its student body it represents.


“Well we as the UTEP community we need to reinforce our values and part of being a UTEP student is actually sharing this day with all the students since in Spanish it’s El Día del Amor y la Amistad,” he said. “So, it’s not all about love it’s about friendship. That’s what we’re trying to do bring associated to the students our love and friendship to the UTEP students and part of it is bringing different activities.”


Moreno said that SGA has more plans for its carnivals in the years to come.


“We just want to let this grow organically and each year that goes by it just expands and we continue to progress just to make like a big carnival one day,” he said