UTEP Bookstore to publish a digital magazine to celebrate Black History Month


Special to the Prospector

The submission deadline is Feb. 23, and the magazine is scheduled to be published on Feb. 28.

Rene Delgadillo, Multimedia Editor

Editor’s note: A previous edition of the article stated that writers could choose a topic on any minority. The authors must write about an African American public figure.


As part of the celebrations for Black History Month, students and the UTEP Bookstore are working on a digital magazine that will honor the achievements and contributions of blacks in the United States.

Cheryl Patterson, the bookstore’s marketing specialist, said students will have the opportunity to write about how they were inspired by an African American public figure and how they will use their own heritage and education to inspire others.

“I had the idea because I did a digital magazine, in 2011, on the impact of Martin (Luther King) and (Nelson) Mandela,” she said. “I gathered different reflections from judges, mayors, Oprah Winfrey about peace in the United States around these two figures.”

She said that some of the recent speakers at UTEP, like Angela Davis, a political activist, have talked to students about the importance of participating in the different kinds of activism and the effects it can have on a community.

“The speakers came on different days, but they touched the same subject, which was “what are you guys doing as young people for all the achievements and the things that your ancestors went through in order to give us a better future?’” Patterson said.

Tamia Nathan, a freshman multimedia journalism major, who is one of the students who will be participating in this project, said that she will be writing about Kendrick Lamar, an African American rapper. Lamar’s music talks about racism, police brutality and other issues affecting the African American community.

“He was the first one that to my mind, what he talks about is very important for our history,” Nathan said. “This magazine is important because we’re not always represented the way that other groups are. When we have the chance to represent ourselves on a bigger platform we should always take it.”

According to College Portraits, a website with information on more than 250 universities, UTEP’s Hispanic students account for 83 percent of the school’s population. Asians make up 1 percent, African Americans 3 percent, Pacific Islanders 1 percent, whites 7 percent and international students 6 percent.

“I wanted to give this digital magazine a UTEP flavor and when I looked at the demographics of UTEP, I thought that I could get a minimum of 12 students to write so they could represent the different people at our campus,” Patterson said. “You’re not only going to have stories, some of our students will also be writing inspirational poems.”

Patterson said she still needs five more students, but that she’s willing to take a maximum of 20.

“They don’t need to be professional writers. We will have the help from the university’s Writing Center,” Patterson said. “I want passionate students who want to help us out.”

Students who want to be part of this project will have to arrange a meeting with Patterson to be selected. The submission deadline is Feb. 23, and the magazine is scheduled to be published on Feb. 28, on Issuu, a website that allows publishers to upload an e-edition of their content.

“I hope I can get several magazines and newspapers to republish the digital magazine on their websites or social media accounts,” Patterson said.

Patterson said that she has another project scheduled in celebration of Cesar Chavez, a late American labor leader and civil rights activist.

“It will an oratorical challenge about Cesar Chavez and his contributions to society and how you as a student are carrying on his mission,” Patterson said.

For more information, call the UTEP Bookstore at 747-55-94 or by email at [email protected]