New café opens its doors on Westside El Paso


Savage Goods features gluten free and vegan options in their menu

Claudia Flores, Staff Reporter

With a fresh concept and a large variety of pastries, foods and drinks, Savage Goods opens its doors to the community of El Paso.

“We wanted to create a place that people could come and gather and just be together, and one of the best ways to do that is food,” Michelle Savage, 30, and president of Savage Goods said. “People gather around the kitchen table, and you celebrate together, you learn together and food and conversations really work together so we said ‘why not open a café.’”

Located in 1201 N Oregon St., Savage Goods offers a menu for everyone to enjoy, from gluten-free and vegan products to the regular animal products.

“Part of that gathering around the table is making sure that everybody has good options. If you’re plant-based or gluten-free and you go somewhere you can’t eat anything you’re not going to have a good time,” Savage said.

Savage Goods also bring to the table a bar service, this so that the costumers can enjoy a glass of wine or beer with their meals.

“In the afternoons you can also come to the happy hour we have beer and wine and we try to keep it as local as possible, we have several wines from Mexico and beers from New Mexico and El Paso,” Savage said.

Savage participated in the Farmers Market for four years, and after being known for their baked goods, with ‘Savage Goods’ they’re expanding their menu to have more products to offer.

“One of our most popular baked goods are the sea salt chocolate chip cookies so we have those but we’re expanding so now we do all breakfast and lunch and all day appetizers,” Savage said.

Savage said that ‘Savage Goods’ goes above and beyond as they want an exceptional customer service and a phenomenal product to offer the El Paso community.

“I liked the place, I think we need a lot more places like this that are locally own and push different lifestyles, they have a lot of vegetarian options the coffee is great and the space is amazing,” Hector Becerra, 41, digital marketing business owner said. “I wish there were more places like this instead of going to corporate businesses and as a local business owner I like to support business like these,  and I loved it, the place is amazing.”

Savage said ‘Savage Goods’ offers the community a place to connect around with really good food, and with people and food as their favorite things if they can combine those with a glass of wine that’s what they want to do.

“It’s really good I like the aesthetic atmosphere, this place is a nice addition to the El Paso restaurant community I tried the roasted chicken sandwich and it was really good,” Christian Tovar, 22, UTEP computer information systems major said. “For dessert, I had a donut and it reminded me of the donuts from Juarez which is really good, it is a good place and I think everyone should try it at least once.”

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