Dreamy synths and crooning vocals power local synthpop band Dirty Circuits

Claudia Flores, Staff Reporter


Eighties pop vibe and synth-heavy electronic tracks are part of the authentic sound of Dirty Circuits, a local band making its way onto the music scene.

“I originally started by myself, my keyboards and backing tracks. And then, I added the singer and now it’s a full band,” said founding member Giovanni Lauretano .

The band is made up of Lauretano (synth), Cortney Wright (lead singer), Tomas Tinajero (drummer) and Bruno Avitia (synth).

“I played one show instrumental and then Cortney played with me and I was ‘I love your voice.  you be down to join?’ And then the bass player is my cousin, so that was easy, and the drummer we’ve been in bands together for like 10 years,” Laurentano said about how the band formed.

Dirty Circuits’ influences come from the pop scene of the ‘80s—bands such as Depeche Mode and Canadian electronic duo Purity Ring.

Lauretano said this is a project he’s been planning for a while, but it wasn’t until a couple months ago that his electronic project Dirty Circuits was brought to life.

“I’ve always wanted to do a synth project called Dirty Circuits, but I was always busy playing for other bands and work, but it happened a couple of months ago,” he said.

Lauretano is not new to the local music scene as his experience of 20 years playing with different bands in the El Paso area has contributed to the preparation of his new project

“Next month we’re recording our EP at Brainville, in December and will probably have it out by January or February,” Lauretano said.

Part of the recording process is the development of the songs. Lauretano, who is the songwriter for Dirty Circuits, said songs morph the more he spends time in the studio.

“I’ve had these ideas for the songs for years, but you think it is done and when you get to the studio, you change everything. If you have money you can be there for weeks and months refining how you want it to sound, but we don’t have that kind of money so we’ll be in and out,” Lauretano said.

The music scene in El Paso is filled with rock and indie bands, however, Dirty Circuits is starting to get recognition for their authentic sound.

“You have DJs and you have bands and we’re the only ones in the middle. We’re a band that plays electronic,” Lauretano said. “We’ve had a great response from the people, especially if we had the chance to open for bands like Computer Magic and Sextile, other big bands, so when people go see them they’re like ‘Oh wow, there’s something similar here in El Paso.’”

Lauretano also said the band will hit the road for a small tour once the EP is done.

“The EP comes out in January, so we want to tour during the summer, go to Austin, California, Seattle. But for sure we want to tour in the summer,”he said.

Dirty Circuits has more plans for the future such as the release of their first full-length album, which will drop during the winter of 2018. They also want to be part of the different music platforms available to distribute their electronic sound.