Marco Antonio Solis brings a romantic atmosphere to the Don Haskins

Claudia Flores, Staff Reporter


Editor’s note: The quotes have been translated from Spanish.

The Don Haskin Center opened its doors to welcome the hundreds of fans of Marco Antonio Solis and Jesse & Joy on Saturday.

At around 8:20 p.m., brother and sister duo Jesse & Joy took the stage with their 2015 hit “No Soy Una de Esas” to start the show.

Accompanied by a colorful set of lights, they continued to perform their singles “Llorar,” “Con Quien Se Queda El Perro” and “Mi Tesoro.”

After the first part of their set, Joy took a moment to address the crowd about the recent events that took place last week in Mexico City.

“Putting aside the violence, the government, the drugs and everything that has happened in the last couple of years, we should recognize that it’s the Mexican people who moments after the earth shook, we rolled up our sleeves to go out there and rescue our people from under the debris” Joy said.

Before continuing with their set, the siblings addressed the audience one more time to tell the story behind their song “Un Besito Mas.” They also took a moment to mention how along the way, the story became about those separated families that live across the border and the end of DACA for some.

“With all the past events, I don’t know how people insist in separating families and end the dreams of all the ‘Dreamers’ in this country,” Joy said, “We were taught the land is of those who work it and we work here, and we are here to stay. Un Besito Mas (one more kiss) to all those ‘Dreamers’ beyond the border.”

The Mexican duo continued to perform another couple of hits before closing with their singles “La de la Mala Suerte” and “Ecos de Amor.”

Moments after they left the stage, the siblings came back to receive Solis, the artist the crowd was waiting for.

As the first notes of “Recuerdos, Tristezas y Soledad” echoed throughout the arena, Solis appeared on stage to sing next to Jesse & Joy.

After the first song, Jesse & Joy left the stage thanking El Paso, and Solis continued the show with his 2001 hit “Tu Carcel.”

“Thankful for life, with God for this moment, for the present and the gift of all you here, thank you so much to each of you for being here,” Solis said. “Giving peace to all the past events around the world, music is a cure at least for a moment it makes us forget our sorrows and the reality we live in our countries, but tonight we’re here to talk about love.”

Solis continued to please his audience with his romantic hits “Y Yo Sin Tí,” “Antes de Que Te Vayas” and “Eran Mentiras.”

During his performance of “Morenita,” four dancers came on stage to dance next to Solis as the crowd stood up from their seats to sign and dance with “El Buki.”

“I have a 40-year career, and 44 years of age, the math doesn’t make sense at all, but I never thought I would get to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my career,” Solis joked.

He didn’t just perform music from his solo career, but the singer pleased the audience with songs from the time he was part of the music group Los Bukis.

Solis took moments to thank the audience for being loyal to his music, he said there is no better fan base than his.

The singer continued his performance with “Necesito Una Compañera,” “A Donde Vamos a Parar” and his 2014 collaboration with Enrique Iglesias “Perdedor.”

After two hours of singing, dancing and thanking his audience, Solis performed his 1999 hit “No Hay Nada Más Difícil” to leave the stage.

As the crowed begged Solis to come back on stage, the singer re-appeared to perform his last song of the night “Más Que Tu Amigo.”

Thanking the audience one more time Solis left the stage as the crowd continued to dance to the last notes of “Más Que Tu Amigo”.

With a good set of musicians, dancers and back vocalists, Solis left the audience satisfied with his performance of a varied set of his solo career and his time with Los Bukis.