Lincoln Park Day celebrates Mexican-American culture in the border

Gaby Velasquez, Photo Editor

The 13th annual Lincoln Park Day was celebrated on Sunday, September 24 at Lincoln Park, and was hosted by the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee. This celebration is modeled after Chicano Park Day in San Diego, California and its purpose is to celebrate Mexican-American and Chicano culture.

The event included a Chicano art show, a 200 lowrider car show, food trucks, vendors, and cultural performances by matachines, ballet folklorico, and live music by local artists.

A new mural “Chicano Park, El Paso, TX” unveiled by local artists Angel Ortiz, Vincent Delgado, and Mike Thornton, shows the cultural traditions that happen in this annual celebration.

Car clubs from other cities and states including Washington state, Amarillo, Phoenix, San Antonio, Midland and Juarez came to El Paso to participate in the lowrider car show.