Obama-era Title IX policies dealing with sexual assault officially rescinded


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Many individuals have voiced their opinions against the revocation of Obama-era regulations surrounding Title IX.

Christian Vasquez, Web Editor

The Trump administration has officially rescinded Obama-era Title IX rules that dealt with sexual assaults on campus grounds on Friday, September 22.

The controversial new directions come in a Q&A format.

Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, announced early September of her intentions for the Department of Education to rescind laws that critics of the policy say make it easier to be falsely accused.

Advocates for the bill call Obama’s policy vital to protect survivors of sexual assaults.

Last week the Prospector asked UTEP how the university is preparing for the upcoming guidelines. Title IX Coordinator Sandy Vasquez wrote in an email, “While we cannot speculate on the impact of policies that are not yet in place, we want to assure our campus community that campus safety at UTEP is very important to us. We work to provide an environment free from discrimination and harassment, and regardless of upcoming changes to Title IX regulations, we will continue educating our UTEP community about Title IX and reviewing every matter promptly. UTEP will continue operating under the current federal guidelines that are in place until further notice from the Department of Education.”

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