Two Door Cinema Club show turns into a dance party


Daniel Mendez, Staff Reporter

Indie music was alive and well at Tricky Falls last night. A sold-out crowd came in strong and ready to show off their fanciest footwork as they sang and danced to the beat of Two Door Cinema Club’s best hits.

The crowd that came through the doors at Tricky varied from hipsters, military, students and mothers and their daughters. The venue was so jam packed with people, leaving little-to-no room to navigate around the venue.

The Irish band is currently on their “U.S. Fall Tour” throughout America, headlining festivals such as “The Meadows,” and “Something Beautiful” and are stopping by in cities throughout America.

Circa Waves kicked off the show with an energetic, engaging set. The crowd was left excited for more things to follow, as the band teased the guitar riff for Two Door Cinema Club’s “What you Know,” before closing out their set, getting the crowd even more anxious for the headliner.

As the lights dimmed after the light and sound check, the crowd anxiously hollered for Two Door Cinema Club to come out, with chants of “Two Door, Two Door.”

It was finally time for the Irish band to kick off the show with the danceable “Cigarettes In The Theatre” followed by “Undercover Martyn” to a joyous crowd waving their hands up in the air to dancing shaking those hips.

The bands members consist of lead singer/guitarist Alex Trimble, lead guitarist Sam Halliday and bass guitar Kevin Baird. Other members that were on stage with the trio were playing the drums and the keyboard while Trimble switched from singing and playing guitar to being a front man without the guitar. Trimble worked the crowd with his voice and mannerisms and showcased his voice, as well as the group’s talent with hits as “This is the Life,” “Changing of the Seasons,” “Laender” and “Come Back Home.”

But after “Come Back Home,” lead guitarist Halliday gave a shout out to El Paso and to one of the bands that influenced them, El Paso’s very own At the Drive-In, before jumping into their hit, “Something Good Can Work.” The crowd went into a frenzy when that guitar riff and beat dropped.

The band ended their set with an extended version of, “Sun” before returning to the stage shortly later for two more songs billed as their encore. Those tunes were, “Someday” and the most known and famous song of theirs “What You Know.” But before closing out the show with that banger, Trimble sang the slowed down vocals only version first, before the rest of bandmates rocked into tune. The band played for a little more than an hour, before calling it quits of gig one for the night.

The party continued at The Perch, where Two Door Cinema Club had their DJ set after party.