Top 5 happiest careers for college grads


Elenie Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Ask any college student why they are in school, and you’re likely to get the same answer.

What most students want is to get a degree, to be able to get a good job and make a good living. The end goal is to land their dream job. Some may get lucky and secure a job straight out of college, while others may take a bit more work and time to get there.

However, there is one important factor most people overlook when it comes time to looking for that job. It should be a job that makes you happy.

Whether it be good co-workers, accessibility, financial reliance or the love for the work the person does— happiness, despite what others may say, is attainable in the workplace.

These are the top five happy jobs for recent college graduates according to and

  1. Social media manager / marketing coordinator

    Majors: english, communications, business

    This type of job is ideal for a recent college grad given that most, if not all, students already use social media for their own pleasure. Why not turn it into a career? Jobs like this are beginning to rise in many unlikely industries, especially those wanting to boost their business. Different jobs include serving as the social media manager and working in the public relations field for a company or organization, marketing on social media for the company and other jobs. Some of these jobs even allow the person to work from home.

  2. Engineer

    Majors: mechanical, civil and other engineering degrees

    Chances are if you are studying engineering, you want to be an engineer. Depending on your field of study, engineering graduates find it easier to land an entry-level job upon graduation compared to graduates of other majors. Many companies offer entry-level programs for students fresh out of college, including Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments, Intel and Autodesk.

  3. College recruiter

    Majors: public administration, Education, Communication

    Being a recruiter is one of those jobs not too many students tend to think about, but these types of positions are out there. Depending on the organization, you may have to venture out of town find this type of job. Universities, such as UTEP, prefer to hire recent grads to help recruit prospective students to the school. This job almost always requires travel, which is a plus for some.

  4. Teacher / teaching assistant 

    Majors: education (all levels)

    Although teaching jobs may competitive, teachers are able to make a pretty good salary right off that bat. There are other options if recent grads are having a hard time finding a job. From substitute positions to paraprofessional positions, such as instructional aides, there is always a way in. If anyone who isn’t in this field wants to teach, becoming a teaching assistant is an option for those who decide to go the graduate school route. Teaching is one of those flexible jobs many may be looking to find.

  5. Sales Associate / sales representative /account representative 

    Majors: all

    Sales is one of those jobs that can be pretty flexible in terms of who they hire. Business students are likely candidates, but the truth is if you’re a good salesman, regardless of your major, you can land one of these jobs as a recent grad. As long as you don’t mind making dozens of calls all day or meeting potential clients for lunch, this can be an ideal job for someone looking to network and build their resume. Some of the jobs include call center managers, traveling sales positions and accounting representatives.