UTEP launches new engagement program

Claudia Flores , Staff Reporter

On September 13 a new leadership program series dedicated to helping first-year-students to learn more about campus resources and campus engagement will be launched; UTEP BLAST is a ten-week plan that allows the students to enhance their college experience.

The program is designed to support students with their transition to college as they learn more about the campus resources, its history and creating positive connections with their peers, faculty and staff.

On May of this year, along with UTEP Edge, we wanted to create a program to bring first-year students together and provide them with a good experience as it is hard to navigate in a big institution and getting involved,” said Corey Bailey, Director of Student Development and Coordinator of UTEP BLAST.

Once a week the students will be provided with a new topic of interest that will help them to improve their college experience in both, inside and outside the classroom.

The 90-minute sessions will include interactive elements for the students to learn more about their peers, the school traditions and different resources available on campus.

Our partnership with Heather Smith, Pat Caro and the Academic Advising Center allowed us to recruit students for the program,” said Bailey “At Advising Center advisers are able to identify students that could be helped by engaging in the program”.

For more information about UTEP BLAST contact Coordinator, Corey Bailey at [email protected] or [email protected]