SB4 blocked by federal judge days before its set to go into action


Gaby Velasquez

Demonstrators show their support for the Anti-SB4 civil suit.

Leslie Sarinana , Copy Editor

Senate Bill 4 has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge the day before it was to be implemented. The bill has seen opposition since it was first passed by Gov. Greg Abbott in May. SB4 punishes law officials who don’t comply with immigration laws and detention requests.

Various efforts to remove the law have been made, most recently a federal judge blocked provisions in the bill that banned sanctuary jurisdictions in the state. Abbott is certain the injunction will be appealed immediately, but there is still no word on the final decision.

The bill has been nicknamed the “show me your papers” bill. A demonstration of opposition has been organized for individuals to gather against the bill.

The Border Network for Human Rights has organized the march to take place Friday, Sept. 1 starting at 9:30 a.m. against the bill. The march is set to begin at Armijo park and will continue to San Jacinto Plaza.