El Paso leaders react to temporary hold on SB4

Eddie Velazquez, Entertainment Editor


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Civil rights organization Border Network for Human Rights held a press conference on Thursday at Leech Grove to address Judge Orlando Garcia’s blocking of the implementation of Senate Bill 4.

“This is a victory for our communities,” Fernando Garcia, the executive director for the Border Network for Human Rights, said. “We believe that the elements that the judge found yesterday to make the injunction were constitutional elements. I believe other courts will do the same.”

According to Garcia, the junction allows for local jails to not necessarily have to abide by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE’s) regulations. He also said that local police officers do not have the right to act as immigration agents.

For senior sociology major Roberto Valadez Peña, the junction has implications beyond immediate migratory status.

“It signifies a lot to thousands of ‘dreamers’ because DACA will be rescinded in a couple of days, so the fact that police officers are restricted on what they can do in regards to asking for legal status protects a lot of students here,” Peña said.

State Senator Jose Rodriguez was also present at the presser, and alongside Garcia, called for President Diana Natalicio to declare UTEP a sanctuary college.

“We are relieved that this is a temporary victory but we are going to keep fighting to make it permanent,” Garcia said. “It will be appealed for sure and there is no doubt it is going to go to the first circuit and later on to the supreme court.”

In order to involve DACA students, BNHR is organizing a march against SB4 tomorrow at Armijo Park.

“We are connecting with them (DACA students) to organize together to start doing actions and activities,” Garcia said. “Tomorrow the march is going to be organized by students.”