El Pasoans sign the last rails for the streetcar project


Claudia Flores

Woman signing her name in the rail at the “ Make your Mark: Sign the Last Piece of Rail” event at Downtown El Paso on August 10.

Claudia Flores, Staff Reporter

In preparation to the completion of the El Paso Streetcar Project, El Pasoans were part of the event ‘Make You Mark: Sign the Last Piece of Rail,” where they had the opportunity to sign their names in last two rails of the El Paso Streetcar Project at 500 N. Stanton St..

“I came here so my daughter could have a different experience, this is the newest thing in El Paso and is great to know that the streetcar will be functioning soon” said Monique Velazco who attended the event.

The track is a 4.8 mile route that connects the University of Texas at El Paso with the downtown area of El Paso.

“This project is about economic development, but to me the most important aspect of it, is the historic aspect,” said Peter Svarzbein, City council Representative for District 1. “This project celebrates our history and unique identity of being from the border”.

“This is a great project for the City of El Paso, it’s a sign of progress and that things are going well in the city” said Sergio Acosta, who attended the ‘Make your Mark’ event “.

The cars that will be used for the project are the ones that used to travel from Juarez to El Paso back in the 1970s keeping the unique bond between the border cities.

“I’ve been deeply involved in this project before I ran for office and before I was elected, these streetcars are older than San Francisco’s and are a great way to celebrate the history of El Paso” Svarzbein.

“As a region, we have a hard time telling our story and the streetcar is a great metaphor and symbol of what it means to be from Juarez and El Paso” Svarzbein said.