Proposed downtown arena gets go ahead from Austin judge


Adrian Broaddus, Editor-In-Chief

El Paso may continue with plans to construct a $180-million downtown multipurpose center as long as it does not construct a sports arena, according to an Austin judge’s final ruling Monday morning.

“The city may not lawfully expend proceeds generated from the sale of the bonds to design, construct, improve, renovate or equip the facility in downtown El Paso to be suitable for a sports arena,” District Court Judge Amy Clark Meachum said in her ruling.

She also said the city cannot fund the venue in order to accommodate for a sports arena due to the voter-approved bonds in 2012.

Meachum also stated in her ruling that the arena may be constructed to hold “various performing arts and similar entertainment.”

The judge upheld the restraining order that prohibited any city demolition in the Duranguito area.

The Duranguito side, fronted by area historian Max Grossman, aimed to implement another restraining order last week but were unable to do so. Thus, the city agreed to give a two-weeks’ notice before demolition notices begin to go out.