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Trump’s transgender ban distracts public from bigger picture


As of today, the 45th president of the United States informed the nation via Twitter that transgender individuals would no longer be allowed to serve in the military. This announcement, composed over three tweets that miraculously were free of error, sparked outrage across the nation.

Many retrieved tweets from Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, promised that they would treat the LGBT community well and with respect. The common consensus after these recent tweets was of the ridiculousness of a person who dodged Vietnam having the audacity to direct those who genuinely risk their lives in service.

However, for as clueless and inept as a president that Trump is, he does have survivalist qualities. And the announcement of something so incendiary and provoking was bound to distract from the ever-growing information about his campaign’s Russia ties. It has been a rough first six months for Trump with many ties between close members of his family and friends linked to Russia. A stance on a hot button issue professed through Twitter was sure to ruffle feathers and create a smokescreen for the Trump camp to scramble a plan to combat the evidence of collusion.

While this goes on, the administration continues to make no progress on its promises. The desperation to repeal Obamacare is so fierce that the party has abandoned the replace aspect and sought to—unsuccessfully—get rid of it. Which begs the question of how to explain stripping 30 million people from this country of their healthcare benefits?

It’s a sad state of affairs, and Trump’s constant references about Hillary Clinton or Obama are simply pathetic. For a man who won so easily, he can’t seem to shake the loser out of his mind. Then again, maybe it’s natural to be insecure when you know that three million more people voted for your opponent than for you.

It’s been pathetic, and to say that in the wake of current events, that those were the tipping point, would be an injustice. This has been the most shoddy and weak presidency in the history of the nation. Despite the mediocrity of George W. Bush, he believed in a plan and was a good man. There was never a question of loyalty or what country owned him, as Russia apparently does the Trump family.

It’s shocking to see defenders of Trump rush to criticize U.S. intelligence (FBI and CIA) before admitting the shadiness surrounding the Trump presidency. It’s easier to scream “fake news” when something logical and intellectual is shown because there are no defenses for certain offenses. Speeches made to young Boy Scouts should not try to elicit support by criticizing and soliciting the crown to boo a former president.

As the dust settles, people will realize the con maneuvers of Trump’s distraction techniques. It’s simply a matter of time before it all comes out into the open. Even then, some will disavow cold facts and prefer to criticize their own country before their sham of a president. But after all, it’s probably Hillary’s fault.

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Trump’s transgender ban distracts public from bigger picture