Mayor and city representatives officially sworn in


Gaby Velasquez

Dee Margo was sworn in on Tuesday June 27 at City Hall.

Newly elected Mayor Dee Margo and city representatives Alexsandra Annello, Sam Morgan, Cassandra Hernandez-Brown and Henry Rivera were sworn in Tuesday morning at City Hall.

Recently, Margo was victorious in a runoff election against mayoral candidate David Saucedo, and Margo is already planning to gear his staff into work.

Immediately after the swearing in, the mayor and council met to discuss issues surrounding the city.

One of the topics at hand is the proposed $180 million arena, which hopes to locate in the Union Plaza area Downtown, including the Duranguito area.

Margo and his staff will be reviewing a petition against the location of the arena and a plea to make the Duranguito neighborhood a historic district. The petition received more than 2,4000 signatures and was certified by the county clerk earlier this month.

Margo has expressed how he wants this issue to be resolved quickly so that he and his council may move on to other topics.

Travis County 201st Civil District Court Judge Amy Clark Meachum has slated a final ruling in a two-day hearing, starting on July 17, which will determine whether or not the city may proceed with plans for the arena.