Art Avenue Gallery displays print work of Flatbed featured artists


Gaby Velasquez

Five of the artist featured in the book are from El Paso, Texas.

Leslie Sarinana, Copy Editor

Art Avenue Gallery brought together the works of five local artists whose work was featured under Flatbed Press.

Flatbed, based in Austin, TX, celebrated its 25th year anniversary by featuring 80 artists as noteworthy individuals to follow in the world. Of the 80 that were honored, five are from El Paso.

A book of their collected prints was published for the anniversary. The El Paso artists are Ricky Armendariz, Alice Leora Briggs, Suzi Davidoff, Luis Jimenez and Celia Muñoz. Armendariz, Davidoff and Muñoz were in attendance at the gallery opening for a book signing on June 22.

Some of Muñoz’s work is being featured at the gallery. Each artist also worked with Flatbed to create original prints that can be seen in the book. Those prints along with other collections from the artists will be available for purchase at the opening exhibition.

The exhibition opens Thursday, June 22, at 1618 Texas Ave. Also, there will be live demonstrations and lectures on Saturday, June 24, at 11 a.m.