Chihuahuas prevail in high scoring win over the Grizzlies

Eddie Velazquez, Entertainment Editor

Honoring the state of Texas with their commemorative uniforms, the Chihuahuas got to a roaring start scoring three runs in two hits during the first inning and never looked back. The Chihuahua’s displayed a consistently explosive performance on their way to a 14-12 victory over the Fresno Grizzlies.

During the first inning, Diego Goris hit a double allowing teammates Rafael Ortega, Carlos Asuaje and Nick Buss to score giving them a 3-0 lead. The Fresno team could not get going early in the game and was punished at the top of the second by pitcher Zach Lee.

However, the evening would turn grim for Lee as he botched an inning-saving play by failing to connect on an easy out and allowing two runs.

During the third inning, the Grizzlies turned it around by scoring three consecutive runs taking a 4-3 lead.

The top of the third inning proved to be a nightmare for the Chihuahuas as they were not able to make plays to get the on-fire Grizzlies offense off the field. Jason Jester came to Lees relief during the fourth inning after Lee allowed eight hits and four runs. The substitution proved effective as Jester managed a double play immediately after coming off the bench.

Pitcher Ashur Toliver came in relief of Dean Deetz during the fourth inning for the Grizzlies.

The fourth inning saw a bang on offense for the Chihuahuas as they scored two runs off a Rocky Gale double. Second-year standout, Carlos Asuaje also connected on a single to add to the lead, capping off an eight-run inning for the Chihuahuas.

Tyson Perez came in trying to improve the pitching in the fourth inning for Fresno and eventually deflate El Paso’s momentum after going on an eight-run rampage.

During the fifth, Jabari Blash homered right to add to a monstrous night for the Chihuahuas offense making it 14-4.

The Grizzlies saw a resurgence on offense during the sixth inning trying to make a game of it. They scored six runs and threatened the Chihuahuas’ lead making it a 14-10 game.

The ninth inning was misleading with the Grizzlies quickly scoring two runs to cut the Chihuahuas lead to two. However, the Chihuahuas played astute defense and shut down the possible comeback attempt.

After the game, last year’s rookie of the year Carlos Asuaje complimented the team’s offensive capabilities.

“Great night for us as a team offensively especially. The lineup clearly we can put up runs whether it is late in the game early in the game,” Asuaje said.

Asuaje also commented on his struggles as a second-year player. “It seems like this year the balls that I would hit last year for whatever reason aren’t falling,” Asuaje said. “The balls that were doubles and triples are being tracked down this year but I can’t be upset at that because that is quality contact, that is how it is.”

The series against Fresno will continue on Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11, at Southwest University Park.