Green Bay drafts Jones in the fifth round

Adrian Broaddus, Web Editor


It was 1:30 p.m. and the fifth round of the 2017 NFL draft was dwindling to an end. Aaron Jones, joined by friends, family and fellow media members, was anxiously awaiting a call from any team.

Maybe the sixth round, most started to think.

But 1:40 p.m. rolled around and his cell phone rang. Everyone at his home huddled closely to see who would pick up the ex-UTEP running back.

Words were exchanged and Alvin Jones Sr. handed Aaron a Green Bay Packers hat as the entire room blew up in excitement.

“In the 182nd pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select Aaron Jones, running back of UTEP.”

The celebration of the gathering peaked at an all-time high as he was officially drafted to play for Green Bay.

“Words can’t describe seeing your son’s dream coming true,” Alvin Sr. said. “It’s like I’m floating. Right now I’m trying to fight back the tears.”

In the fourth round, the Packers drafted BYU running back Jamaal Williams, which made it a bit improbable that they would snag another tailback in the later rounds. However, Green Bay only had converted receiver to running back Ty Montgomery, Don Jackson and Christine Michael on their depth chart as running backs. So the addition of Jones could manufacture well for the team’s backfield situation and add more depth to the team’s offense.

Jones was satisfied with the idea of Williams being the hefty back and he would play the role of the smaller back.

“I was getting a little antsy and a little frustrated but God put me here and I’m fine with that,” Jones said. “We (Williams) both have the same agent and we’ve hung out before so it will be a good competition.”

Jones was ranked no. 300 by ESPN for overall player rankings and was given a 36 overall draft grade. His father explained how Green Bay was the team to give him the highest draft grade when it came down to it.

“I’m definitely relieved and I’m excited I’ll be playing this upcoming year,” Jones said.

He will be leaving to Green Bay on May 11th and plans to wear number 33 on the field.

Relive his draft phone call here:

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