UTEP’s top 10 seniors recognized with prestigious awards

UTEP’s 67th annual top 10 seniors banquet was held on Tuesday evening as parents, faculty and students gathered for the presentation of the student’s prestigious awards.

The event was sponsored by the UTEP alumni association, which showcased each senior and their respective achievements, accomplishments and honors.

President Diana Natalicio opened the event with words of encouragement to the ten students.

“They are high achieving students and we all feel very proud of them, and we feel more proud of UTEP because of them. We know they are going to be super successful and wherever they go, people will know they are UTEP graduates and they’re gonna make us proud,” Natalicio said.

For graduating senior Mayra Rodarte, the achievement was a pleasant surprise.

“I wasn’t going to apply because I thought I wasn’t going to make it but I had a few professors that kept pushing me and I just did it. I turned it in (the application) like two hours before it was due, it was really last minute. I’m extremely honored by this award. I’m thankful for being a UTEP Miner and all the doors this school has opened for me,” Rodarte, who is graduating with a bachelors of arts with a concentration in stage management, said.

The top ten seniors will also be recognized at the graduation commencements for their respective colleges.