Raw Fitness guarantees body goals


Special to The Prospector

Claudia Flores, Contributor

Summer is coming up and it is time to hit the gym and build that summer body. Raw Fitness offers a six-week challenge program that starts with a $300 deposit.

Members are required to train at least four times a week in a 30-minute, high-intensity training workout and follow a meal plan. But at the end of the six weeks, if they accomplish their goal, losing 20 pounds or 5 percent of your body fat, the deposit is given back to you.

“Raw Fitness is an economic and personal motivation, in the six-week challenge I get my money back at the end, plus it helps to build your self-esteem,” said Gerardo Marquez, an Army medical combat specialist, who is in the fourth week of the  challenge.

Finding motivation to start working out can be tough, but at Raw Fitness they have  personal trainers who say their goal is to help people to get the body of their dreams with high-intensity workouts.

“The motivation behind Raw Fitness is actually to see El Pasoans grow and transform,” said Ryan Hawk, a personal trainer at Raw Fitness. “We are one of the fattest cities in Texas and we don’t need to be that way, so our goal and mission is to reach one million lives.”

Other than having  trainers, Raw Fitness also offers its clients the chance to work out in big groups.

According to Hawk, this is to show that everyone is giving their maximum efforts while building their bodies, and to create a supportive atmosphere between individuals while training.

“We did a test and we asked clients how does working in a big group make them feel, and they said it made them feel better because they weren’t intimidated by other clients and they felt they could do more,” Hawk said.

The challenge is only one of two workout systems Raw Fitness offers. If you enter the six-week challenge, but you want to continue working out at this gym, you can do that as well

“I’ve been to other gyms and had personal trainers, and sometimes you don’t know how to perform the exercises properly, and knowing that the trainers are there and everyone is doing the same motivates you a lot,” Marquez said.

The monthly membership is $150 and you get the chance to work out for a minimum of four days a week, you get the meal plan, personal trainers and even more time to continue working toward your body goals. However, not all individuals believe $150 a month is a reasonable price.

“The price is too expensive and I can get a better experience for the same price for a personal trainer that focuses just on my training,” said Valeria Vazquez, a junior women’s studies major. “Yes, the meal plan is what makes you lose weight super fast, but is not a personalized diet, everyone is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to working out and eating right.”

Raw Fitness has three locations, 6800 Gateway East, Suite 3AB, 1700 N. Zaragoza, Suite 139 and 4519 Osborne Drive.