Exploring your naughty side through ‘50 Shades’


Claudia Flores, Contributor

What is it about “Fifty Shades” stories that seduces us to go see it on the big screen? It could be the sexy way Christian Grey spanks Anastasia, or maybe it’s the way he protects her that makes us think these movies are totally worth it.

For many, these type of games can be seen as a way of torture or even disrespect toward the person who is playing the role of the submissive, but for others this is a really fun way to experiment in a kinky way with your partner in the bedroom. Come on, at least once in your life your boyfriend/girlfriend has spanked you for no reason, so I don’t think showing your partner some love in a different way is a bad thing after all. In fact, I think it is very sexy when you play naughty games once in a while, however the sex toys and other accessories are a completely different story.

When I go to Spencer’s I go through the whole store, and then, with a little bit of shyness, I stop at the “sexy” section. Honestly, I’ve never tried the sadomasochist game, and I don’t know if I’m willing to, but the toys they have up there are very interesting to look at.  Butt plugs, dildos, handcuffs, all that stuff makes you think about how cool it could be to have your eyes covered and wonder what’s going to happen next.

For me, the sado-masochist game should be more about having fun than hurting the other person. Yet, there are many people who truly enjoy feeling that physical or mental suffering; well, this game is all about personal taste.

Let’s be real, it is cute when our boyfriend/girlfriend gets a little bit jealous. We love to see them trying to protect their love, but what about Christian’s attitude towards Ana? His behavior is in no way a sort of “protection,” but possessiveness. From controlling her agenda, to controlling who she is working for. There is no way that we, girls (and guys) would like to be in a relationship where the other person is controlling everything about you. Of course this is part of the dominant and submissive game they play, but there is a big difference between the things that can be done inside the “Red Room” and the ones that can be done outside of it. 

If you like the “Fifty Shades” movies that is fantastic, and if you don’t that is great as well, but I believe it is entertaining having a different love story out there, something that does not fall into the  Nicholas Sparks category, and “Fifty Shades” gives us that. A love story, full of romance and passion, with the naughty side we don’t get to see in most romantic films.