Top five cheapest places for textbooks

Leslie Sariñana, Entertainment Editor

“The textbook is required…” This is one phrase that college students dread hearing from their professors. The semester is starting and so does the hunt for the cheapest textbooks commences. We all know that textbooks can be expensive and, as college students, we try to cut costs wherever we can. Here is a list of the five best places to find the cheapest textbooks.

1. Amazon
Amazon is a versatile website which includes textbook rentals. They have some of the lowest prices and let you choose from renting or buying your textbooks in both new or used conditions. Amazon offers free return shipping with all of its textbook rentals and gives you 30 days to return your books for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. Most of the textbooks are also available for two-day shipping for “Prime members.” It’s also good to note that Amazon and Barnes & Noble are the only places the UTEP bookstore price matches from.

UTEP Classifieds
Most times the cheapest way to get textbooks is through other students on campus. UTEP classifieds is filled with students reselling their books. Buying books from other students can guarantee that you get the correct edition of a book because more often then not, the person you’re buying from took the same class with the same professor. UTEP students can check out the classifieds through your account.

This is one website you’ve probably heard of. They have some of the best customer reviews in booksellers. Chegg has one of the widest variety of textbooks. While waiting for your rentals to arrive, Chegg gives you access to the books you ordered online. They also offer course reviews and homework help for courses you select. You can also sell your old textbooks through Chegg. If the customer reviews aren’t enough to convince you to shop through Chegg, they also plant a tree for every book that you rent.

This website offers free standard shipping on all orders and free returns. You can return your books in-store at any of the affiliated locations or ship your return with a pre-paid shipping label. BookRenter has a no-questions asked policy about book returns. One standout quality of this website is that they allow you to highlight in your rentals. The only downside is that when you rent books there might already be highlights or notes in the books you receive. BookRenter also works with Chegg to guarantee the lowest prices on textbooks.

This site offers free shipping on orders over $59, and realistically with textbooks you will be spending more than that. They give you 25 days to return your purchases for a refund and let you extend your rental at any time. They also offer instant access to eBooks and allow you to access them through their app so you can have your textbook wherever you go on any electronic device. eCampus has been around since 1999 and has never fallen behind in service.