Four years and a lifetime of memories made


Amanda Guillen, Contributor

 There are moments in our lives that can change the course of your life forever. The beauty of life is that you never know when these moments will occur.

I can say without a doubt in my mind that when I decided to work at The Prospector, little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey that would enrich my life and give me the tools I needed to not only survive college, but to thrive during this transitional period in my life.

Four years ago, I would visit The Prospector office almost every day checking in on my application status.

Working at The Prospector for me was a goal that I had set for myself as soon as I applied at UTEP and it was something that I was going to make a reality.

After what seemed like forever, I was called in for an interview and hired in the summer of 2013. 

Soon after I realized I had made one of the best decisions, and every day I would go into work perfecting a craft that I would fall more and more in love with.

Throughout my Prospector career I have served in a multitude of roles, I was a staff reporter, multimedia editor, managing editor and editor-in-chief.

All jobs were equally rewarding and challenging in their own unique way.

I owe a lot to this publication and to the people behind it. I was given the chance to meet some of my closest friends, advisors, role models and even the love of my life.

Because of my work at The Prospector, I was able to embark on a four-month journey to Washington DC. I was selected as the fall 2015 intern for the Scripps Howard Foundation wire service, and while there I was able to cover White House events, the Supreme Court, the Pope’s U.S. visit and, most importantly, told the stories of the people who I encountered on an everyday basis.

Along the way I traveled up the street to intern at KVIA, El Paso’s ABC affiliate, and also was selected as the local-programming intern at KTNV, Las Vegas’ ABC affiliate.

The internships, awards and recognition were all appreciated, but what I will never forget are the people who made this often times stressful journey worth the ride.

To the wonderful staff at Student Publications, Marcie, thank you for always complimenting my outfits; Isabel, thank you for always having the answer to all my crazy questions; Vero, thank you for always giving me the best advice; and Kathy, thank you for always providing me with your tough love.

My staff during the centennial issue of the paper, Andrea Acosta, Lorain Watters-Ambrocio, Jasmine Aguilera, Jacobo De la Rosa, Diego Burciaga, Javier Cortez and Michaela Roman, I don’t know how I would have survived all of those 18-hour shifts without you.

Andrea, thank you for helping me get my foot in the door–from high school until now we have built a friendship I know will last a lifetime.

A few of the people that I can’t forget to single out are Javier Cortez, thank you for providing my biggest fashion critiques and for hating my hugs–you’re the best.

Michaela Roman, this journey would not have been what it was without you. Throughout these years you have been my confidant, my lunch buddy and the person I laughed with when all I wanted to do was cry.

Lastly, to my boyfriend, who I met while working at the Prospector, thank you for being so persistent and for never taking no for an answer. Thank you for staying with me while I stayed at work alone until 6 a.m., and thank you for seeing the best in me even when I can’t see it myself. Luis Gonzalez, if you would have asked me two years ago if I would have seen this coming I would have said no, but just as you always do, you proved me wrong in the best possible way. ¡Te amo!

Lastly, I want to thank my family and friends outside of The Prospector for always being so supportive during my time at the paper, from sharing my articles to always asking about my next story. There will never be a big enough way to say thank you!

Where do I go from here? After graduation, I will continue to work at KTSM, the NBC affiliate here in El Paso as an associate producer.

Amanda Guillen may NOT be reached at [email protected]