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Guide to the best/worst restrooms on campus

Worst Restrooms:

UGLC, first floor

Yes, the Undergraduate Learning Center is relatively new, but the number of students that go in and out of that building makes their bathrooms number five. Every UTEP student has had to attend classes in the UGLC, which pretty much means every student has probably used those bathrooms. There is never a time when those rooms are unoccupied.

Since so many undergraduates are dealing with the loads of work that they were not used to in high school, these restrooms are used too much. This means there is a lot of maintenance that these restrooms need, and since the custodians are just doing their job, the rooms can be under maintenance at the worst times.

Union East, first floor

Like the UGLC, these Union restrooms are in the middle of everyday life for college students. The Union consists of all the cool things on campus, vending machines and restaurants, places to relax and Jamba Juice. Considering all the items at hand for scholars, needing to go is bound to happen. There is constant in-and-out flow in these restrooms, and to make matters worse, the Wi-Fi is not always working. The odors that are produced in the Union restrooms are unpleasant, and that’s putting it nicely. Overall, if you don’t mind waiting for a potty and can hold your breath for more than five minutes, then the Union might be for you.

Psychology building

There are three levels in the psychology building, so you would assume the architects would put more than one restroom in the whole thing, right? Wrong. There is only one place for students to relieve themselves. To top it off, the rooms are extremely crowded. With only a couple of stalls to use, waiting is mandatory most times.

Waiting your turn is not ideal when you really need to go, and once you are fortunate enough to receive your very own stall there is some of UTEP’s best vandalism for your viewing pleasure. Students could miss a lot of valuable information in class, just because they couldn’t hold it any longer, and maybe they have to travel all the way downstairs from the third floor to the first to get there. Overall, only use the psychology restrooms if Mother Nature needs to be answered at that exact moment.

Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts is the largest college on the UTEP campus. The building was opened up in 1961, so in other words, the building is old and their restrooms follow the same pattern. They are the most ancient restrooms that UTEP has to offer. When a student walks in, they are greeted with the smell of rotten eggs and sewage. People tend to not flush the toilets very often in there, but at least the students use toilet paper—even though most of it ends up on the floor. 

Library, second floor

This was the most obvious choice for number one; these restrooms are the worst on campus. Everyone loves to use Wi-Fi for their phones, but the Wi-Fi does not work in those restrooms, and during finals week, just forget about using the second-floor restrooms. Someone is always waiting for a stall to open up. Overall, it is a better idea to search the entire library for a better place to go more comfortably. You will feel pressured to fire-hose everything out as fast as you can.

Best Restrooms: 

Miners Hall

Miners Hall is one of the few buildings that is overlooked by the average student. I feel like many people do not know where it is if you ask them, so this is the perfect place to use the restroom in peace.

The restroom is very easy to find once you enter the building, and there is no commotion like the rest of the busy college campus. One of the best aspects about this Miners Hall restroom is how spacious it is. There is little to no crowding going on. The stalls have no vandalism done to its walls, and the cleanliness stands out, especially when you walk in. Some of the worst restrooms have overflowing trash cans, making the floors splattered with filthy paper towels, but not in Miners Hall—the trash can is bigger than most, and it seems like an impossible target to miss.

Geology Building, except for the first floor

Every story in the geology building has a restroom and they are located at the same place—right next to the staircases. This is a perfect spot for the restrooms to be located because people could reward themselves once they make it up the long stairs and cool themselves down from the climb. You can take your time in any of these rooms, there is hardly ever students walking in and out. The building overall has a quiet atmosphere, and a loud-talking student would stand out, so it is rare to come across any loud talking in the restroom. There are three stalls in each one and two sinks with two mirrors waiting for you. The sinks are located away from the stalls, so awkward eye contact through the slits of the stalls is eliminated.

Prospect Hall

Prospect Hall is a hidden building, and people are usually too busy to notice it. The restrooms have great Wi-Fi, so you could just get away from the demanding work that lies ahead of you. It is roomy, with a window view that lightens up the room; so bright that it could liven anyone’s day. Maintenance seems to keep an eye on this restroom more than others, and the atmosphere in there is unbeaten, always clean. No bad odors roam in the Prospect Hall restrooms.

Administration Building, first floor

Although the Administration Building is in the middle of the school and right across the Centennial Plaza, students tend not to walk through the doors. If there were a contest for the cleanest restroom on the UTEP campus, this would win 9 out of 10 times. When a student walks in, they are embraced by blue walls and the scent of Febreeze. Since there are many faculty members who roam the Administration Building, they keep their restrooms looking nicer than some classrooms. Privacy is a huge key to these restrooms, especially on the first floor. There is no hurry to get done, and the Wi-Fi is top notch.

Health Sciences and Nursing Building

One word describes this creation–amazing! Eight years ago, this building was brought to life and it feels like no one has used it since. This is the closest thing to perfect as a restroom could get. The color schemes are brilliant and really bring joy to the room, a feeling I didn’t think existed in a restroom. They are one of the newest restrooms, so they have all the best-looking toilets, sinks, air dryers and stalls. It’s like a bathroom from a magazine. There are many stalls and urinals for use and they sparkle. Overall, this is as close to home as you can find at UTEP.

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Guide to the best/worst restrooms on campus