Las Catrinas win roller derby championship


Claudia Hernandez

The El Paso Roller Derby title crowned a new champion as Las Catrinas won the championship on Sunday, Oct. 23.

Shericka Lawrence, Staff Reporter

The Sun City Roller Girls hosted the La Batalla de la Llorona 2016 Championship matchup on Sunday, Oct. 23, where Las Cartrinas won against the Chuco Town Chulas (163-139) at the El Paso County Coliseum. With the victory, Las Cartrinas were crowned the 2016 Roller Derby champions.

The most valuable blocker for the Chuco Town Chulas was awarded to Cuppa Tease and Clyde Barrel from the Las Catrinas. Kitty Killmore won Most Valuable Jammer for the Las Catrinas alongside Penny Piston for the Chulas.

“I have been waiting four years for this accomplishment,” said Las Catrinas head coach El Squido.

With a packed house, DJ Eddy Palomo and emcees comedian Adam Dominguez and Sarcasm Scargasm, the event kept the crowd hyped for this anticipated championship. When introduced, Las Catrinas, also known as the “dapper female skeletons,” were the crowd favorites. The Chulas kept their cool demeanor during the introduction.

The first jam of the matchup was very physical and intense, with early scores for the Chulas. But the Las Catrinas were able to adjust quickly and regain momentum to end the jam with the advantage.

The advantage for each team went back and forth, due to penalties in the match. There were only three jams, where neither team had any penalties.

Both teams went without the full participants of the jams due to penalties. On many occasions, Las Catrinas and the Chulas went through jams without pivotal players.

Penny Piston, along with Lady Latte Pain, for the Chulas were a force to be reckoned with. Both women racked up most of the points for their team. Each player was like a spark plug that the Chulas needed to keep up the momentum, although Las Catrinas were dominating the matchup.

MVJ Killmore for Las Catrinas was the rightful owner of her MVJ title. Killmore was a dominant force that gave Las Catrinas the edge on the jammer position. Karma Sutra, no. 3.14, also assisted Las Catrinas. Sutra being the wild card of the group, gave a much-needed boast to the team whenever needed.

The match was aggressive throughout the bout, and displayed how tough the players were. Pain and Mama Ale of the Chulas got clocked pretty hard during the match. Pain missed two jams to gain back her composure and Mama Ale never returned due to a shoulder injury.

“It’s a sport, just like anything else,” El Squido said. “It’s really physical and for these young girls to see not only men can do it, but women too, I love it.”

During the second half, both teams came out even more aggressive. The Chulas were down coming out of halftime. Making a few adjustments, the women were able to get back into the bout, having more intensity and focus.

Las Catrinas kept up with the Chulas in the second half, mostly due to the support of the crowd. The Chulas lost their crowd support after halftime, possibly being a reason for the loss.

The Chulas looked to regain the lead and the momentum, but the determination and massive domination of Las Catrinas took over. In jams six through nine, Las Catrinas collected a huge amount of points to widen the gap between the Chulas.

The event elevated the already high tension to another level in the last five minutes of the second half. With the bout being a one-point matchup with the upper hand belonging to the Las Catrinas.

In the last minute and 30 seconds, the referees ejected two players. Raven Claw-Her from the Las Catrinas, along with RoXXy Balboa from the Chulas, were both ejected for illegal contact with another player.

The referees called for one final jam before the official winner was declared. The crowd cheered on Las Catrinas as the final seconds counted down toward the end of the matchup.

This was the first time Las Catrinas have been the champs of this league.

“These girls deserve it,” El Squido said. “This achievement shows the dedication and the love these girls have.”

The Sun City Roller Girls will host a Toys for Tots charity bout at their Naughty but Nice bout at 6 p.m. Nov. 20 at the El Paso County Coliseum. For more information on the SCRG, visit website.

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