Meeple Game Society hosts first gaming convention


Gaby Velasquez

Boarder City Game Convention attendees play a zombie board game the second day of the convention.

Gaby Velasquez, Staff Photographer

The Meeple Board Game society, a gaming club at UTEP, held the very first Boarder City Game Convention from July 29 – 31 at the Tomás Rivera Conference Center. The club’s co-founder Rogelio Long, a doctoral student in computational science, said that a medium-to-hard game may last up to three hours. Some games lasted from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Attendees traveled from as far as Dallas, Texas, to take part in the convention. Children’s games, card games, puzzles and La Lotería were just a few of the games played. Two separate fundraisers were held in order to host the event.

Members of the year-old club get together once a week for up to five hours to play a chosen board game. For upcoming events, visit The Meeple Board Game Society on Mine Tracker.