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SCOTUS vs. Immigration Plan

Special to The Prospector

The 4-4 Supreme Court tie that blocked President Barack Obama’s plan on immigration illustrates a horrible reality in this country: people are afraid of losing their place in this nation filled with white supremacist ideas, at the expense of people with different backgrounds.

This means that millions of immigrants will continue to fight against injustices and live in fear of deportation. It means that Obama will continue to be one of the most criticized presidents of all time. It means that equality in this nation will have to wait even longer, and that human rights will continue to be violated.

Do the judges of the Supreme Court, who voted against the immigration plan, understand the fears of illegal immigrants? Do they understand that many of them walk and drive with terror everywhere they go? Do people even stop and consider what an immigrant family is going through?

It appears that they don’t.

Their decision is disrespectful for immigrants who live in this nation. The decisions they have taken break the dreams and hopes of millions of people who just want to succeed.

I remember the fear my father expressed every time he saw a border patrol truck. For him it was a type of torture. He had nightmares in which he saw himself inside of a border patrol truck–I can remember him telling us that in his dream he felt he was never going to see us again.

About eight years ago, when he had no residence permit and was working as a construction painter, a sheriff stopped him. My dad was honest, he confessed to working here illegally. Then a miracle happened. Without any good reason, that sheriff told my dad he was not going to call immigration on him. My dad was let go with just a traffic ticket. He was able to drive away and continue working on what achieving we call the “American dream.”

My father works under the hot sun and cold days of this city, yet he has never given up. Every day he wakes up tired, but understands that his family needs food and a home. He is not stealing anyone’s job, he is helping this economy that only hits him back with very expensive bills and rent.

So who wins from this decision? The Donald and his supporters win.

This just gives Trump more confidence in the upcoming presidential election. He will continue arguing that Muslims and Mexicans are doing wrong to this nation. The tie in the Supreme Court will allow supporters of Trump to keep on repeating their infamous campaign slogan which at the end will only create more friction and violence between supporters and non-supporters.

Well let’s get something straight.

When has this country been great? Was it great when it allowed slavery? Was it great when it’s government created the Jim Crow laws that caused segregation? Was is it great when it sent Japanese-Americans to internment camps? Or was it great when it believed that women should not have the right to vote and that their only function was at home? Or maybe it was great when it invaded a land that belonged to indigenous people?

History Shows, the United States has been great for white, rich people, but not for hardworking people from an immigrant background.

If you were affected by the decision made by the court, don’t allow your faith and strength to be weakened. Don’t just wait for time to make the change, because time doesn’t fix anything. What you do during your time is what makes change.

Please go out and vote in the upcoming elections. I’ve never been so afraid about politics in my life. I know that sometimes you feel that your individual vote will never make the final decision on anything in this country, but let us set aside that idea of individualism that this economy and country has made us feel a part of. Let’s go out and vote as a group of Hispanics, Latinos, Mexican Americans, Muslims and any other group of marginalized people in this country who demand equality for the hardworking people we know.

Rene Delgadillo may be reached at [email protected].

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SCOTUS vs. Immigration Plan