A Long Overdue Goodbye

Jose Soto, Entertainment Editor

Some goodbyes are harder to say than others, which is probably why I have delayed it for so long. I have spent the majority of my adulthood in and out of college. It’s been like a toxic relationship, you break up and get back together frequently.

But eventually, you have to let it go. The only difference here is that it really isn’t a toxic relationship. College has broadened my mental horizons and has supplied me with enough intellect to make substantial contributions to conversations at dinners. I’ve absolutely loved my experience during this academic journey, from discovering Descartes’ philosophies, learning to locate accents in certain Spanish words, to learning about Pangaea and tectonic plates.

But it’s definitely time to move on. One of the aspects of college that I appreciate the most is having the opportunity to be part of The Prospector.

I remember reading the publication back when I first entered college and thinking that it would be awesome to write for them, but that it would never happen. Years later, I was hired as an entertainment reporter, moved to report for the news section and then promoted to editor for both The Prospector and Minero Magazine.

As a multimedia journalism major, The Prospector has provided me with hands-on training and experience in the field of journalism, skills and lessons that I will forever carry with me. The Prospector has also introduced me to many incredible, talented individuals.

Because we work crazy hours and strive together to produce good content, the reporters, editors, photographers and directors at our publication have gotten to know each other in ways that we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for our jobs. We are all extremely different with very different views, but somehow, someway, we’ve bonded.

I thank all of the people at The Prospector for their hard work, but also for their great friendship. I especially want to thank Kathleen Flores, our director, for giving me such great opportunities, which have enabled me to pursue greater things.

Everyone else, you have also contributed to this journey one way or another and I thank you all for that as well. You are all going to go very far. I’ll make sure to keep those tallies coming (inside joke). As I start a new endeavor and leave behind college and my job at The Prospector, I want the people reading this to know that anything is possible, and I genuinely mean that. If I can accomplish the things that I’ve done thus far, you can too. Don’t ever doubt yourself.

As long as you have passion for what you do and know that you are on your way to better things, you’ll be fine. Carpe Diem!

Jose Soto may NOT be reached at [email protected]