Sun Bowl joins Juarez in welcoming Pope Francis


Michaela Román

Two women show emotion at The Sun Bowl Stadium to watch Pope Francis deliver mass in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Amanda Guillen, Editor in Chief

More than 30,000 people gathered at the Sun Bowl Stadium at the University of Texas at El Paso on Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 17, to take part in the Two Nations One Faith papal visit to Ciudad Juarez celebration.

The event began at noon with guests being treated to a variety of performances. The Tigua Indian Nation Social Dancers performed traditional ritual dances. Other performers included guitarist Tony Melendez, singers Collin Raye and Andrea Thomas, the Bowie High School mariachi group and The El Paso Diocesan Choir, comprised of 120 musicians and singers. El Paso composer Peter Kolar composed and wrote a song for the event and for Pope Francis. Kolar was the director of the choir and his 7-year-old daughter, Chloe Kolar, was the soloist for the song.

Throughout the celebration, the crowd sang, held signs, flags and participated in the mass via live telecast. Cheers were heard throughout the stadium when Pope Francis addressed the crowds at the Sun Bowl and the El Paso community.