Bring Johnny to Dallas

January 26, 2016

The Cleveland Browns are making significant changes this offseason starting off with Hue Jackson, the former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator, who was hired as the head coach. The new arrival dwells on a startling question for quarterback Johnny Manziel and the decision of his future in a Browns uniform.

Manziel has been a backup quarterback since being drafted in 2014, but we have failed to see him in a Browns uniform as “Johnny Football,” the proclaimed name given to him as a heroic and exciting figure at the quarterback position. Nowadays because of off-the-field discrepancies, Johnny has not been favored or liked in the Browns’ offices. Now, two questions arise: where will Manziel end up and if his career in the NFL is over. After two seasons with the Browns, Johnny threw for 1,675-yards and had a QB rating of 74.4. Over the course of 14 games, he posted a 3-11 record when starting at the QB position.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has high interest for the young quarterback, and Johnny has not been shy about expressing his desire to be a Cowboy. He would be returning to his home state of Texas, where he grew up playing high school football and college ball for Texas A&M. This would be a smart move for him.

Manziel has shown spurts of what he can do, but we haven’t seen his full pro capability. We need to see Johnny go to Dallas. Jones was a hot topic a few years ago because he wanted to desperately draft Manziel, but instead, he selected Zack Martin. If somehow Jones can make this move with the Cleveland Browns, who are obviously sick of Johnny Football, both sides will be happy. Jones has settled similar predicaments with stars that weren’t media friendly, and each time it’s been a success.

The Cowboys have needed a good backup dating back to the Jon Kitna era. History has shown that none of these backups can win games or perform their duties well. This past 2015 season was a prime example as America’s team finished with a 1-11 record without their starting quarterback, Tony Romo. Three back-up quarterbacks, Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore, could not get the job done this past season. If Romo goes down and Manziel is on hand, there can be a sigh of relief that a young QB is ready to go.

Johnny Football has not been favored over the years, and it has surprisingly only gotten worse; but fans in Texas want him here. He is a young guy who could use a second chance.

In the past, Jones has been successful in turning a “troubled player” into a hot commodity. A few years back, Dez Bryant, the Cowboys’ star wide out, was in discussion for the same maturity level as an NFL pro. Look at Terrell Owens, Adam “Pacman” Jones and Greg Hardy as examples of guys who caused troubles off the field before arriving to Dallas. Jones seems to welcome these types of players with open arms, and has helped resurrect their careers. With Jones’ techniques, he could do the same for Johnny Manziel.

The pieces could call for a fit of success with both parties receiving what they want, but the controversy of this failing is also a high risk. Johnny, although being a good prospect, is also a liability. He has been arrested numerous times and has been caught partying in a way the NFL does not wish to be represented.

Then again, he is improving. On and off the field, the improvement is there. Manziel is a hot commodity with a lot of electric star-studded highlights at the quarterback position. The talent is absolutely present and it is up to him to not let it go to waste. A team like the Dallas Cowboys could unleash Johnny Manziel back to “Johnny Football.”

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