State of the Union and free community college


Amanda Guillen, Editor-in-Chief

Over the last seven years of President Barack Obama’s presidency the State of the Union addresses have been nothing short of poetic.

The 2012 presidential election was the first election that I was able to participate in and the Obama administration was the first that I was old enough to observe.

I grew up watching the State of the Union addresses with my parents and always knew that it was something important.

Now as an adult and a senior in college I realize that it is what makes the nation either breathe easier or harder depending on their views of the sitting president.

The president’s final State of the Union address was as promised: short, sweet and straight to the point.

The top moments that stood out for me were the president’s comments on homeland security, cancer, democracy, citizenship, the future after Obama, and most importantly to myself as a student, education.

He made sure to address his plan to make college affordable for every American and also highlighted his successes in reducing student loan payments to 10 percent of a borrower’s income.

President Obama also spoke about a proposal he made earlier this year to provide two years of community college at no cost for “every responsible student.”

The president said that providing two years of community college at no cost was something that he would keep fighting to get started this year.

As a college senior this is something that I can’t really wrap my brain around.

Providing two years of community college could be a great thing for everyone because it gives every American a chance at higher education.

With more students entering into community colleges around the country, the demand for more teachers, employees, bigger buildings will be necessary. This would provide more jobs for Americans around the country.

I do see this as problematic as well. The cost of providing education for any “responsible” American could be overwhelming for a country that has struggled with its debt.

Overall the president’s last speech was one that I will remember into this presidential election season.

Like the president, I am hopeful for more bipartisan efforts, working together is what makes this country stronger.

The State of the Union address was as successful as the president’s eloquence and patriotism.

I am looking forward to this new year and what it brings in the world of American politics.

Amanda Guillen may be reached at [email protected]