Up All Night helps alliviate stress from finals week


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The annual Up All Night midnight breakfast will take place on Dec. 8 at the Union from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Julia Hettiger, Staff Reporter

Finals week is known for students pulling all-nighters, downing energy drinks and having erratic sleep schedules, so it is no surprise that an event, which was become a UTEP tradition, is going to attract many students.

To commence finals week, the Office of Student Life will be hosting their annual Up All Night midnight breakfast event on Dec. 8 at the Union from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. The event will feature activities, movies and plenty of food to fuel students as they go through this stressful week.

Last spring, the Up All Night event was moved to the Union East Building to allow for more space for different activities. Nicole Aguilar, director of the Office of Student Life, said this semester’s activities will make the event fun, engaging and interactive.

“The Union is a place that gives our students what they need and want; additional study space, fun and engaging activities, camaraderie and most of all free food,” Aguilar said. “This year, we’re showing two screenings of the movie ‘Elf,’ at 6 and 9 p.m. In addition, new this year are Zumba classes, a game room, photo booth and other activities that will be announced as we get closer to the event.”

Free breakfast foods will be served all night, and although the menu for the evening has not been finalized, the Office of Student Life is already planning on having a wide range of foods.

“We are working on a variety of foods,” Aguilar said. “We will definitely serve hot chocolate, menudo and other delicious foods.”

The purpose of the event is to give students an efficient place to study, while helping them foster a connection with the university.

“We want students to feel supported by faculty and staff,” Aguilar said. “This is just one way to keep students engaged on campus and for us who volunteer to show support toward student success.”

The event will provide opportunities for students to study in groups or individually, and students will have access to computers and projectors to make their studying experience more effective.

“There are many ways to achieve this and for Up All Night we’ve been able to create an evening full of interactive activities as well as opportunities to study,” Aguilar said.

Overall, the event is an opportunity for students to interact with their fellow classmates and find their scholastic niche at UTEP.

“Students who frequent the event meet new people, experience a sense of belonging and most of all create memories to last a lifetime,” Aguilar said. “By offering a variety of activities, we are able to tap into a greater audience, and we have something for everyone.”

Karen Escobar, senior accounting major, said  she is considering attending the event and believes it can help grow a student’s sense of community.

“I want to go to study with my friends because it can help us be more relaxed for our finals,” Escobar said. “It helps us know that we are not alone since almost everyone is there for the same reason; to pass the exams and relieve stress.”

Besides providing many activities for a fun-filled night, the Up All Night event will also provide ample space, equipment and support for students studying for their finals.

“As much as we recognize students may need a brief break from studying, we also realize the importance of supporting those who choose to focus on simply that all evening,” Aguilar said.

Students will have access to conference rooms in the Union Building, along with audio and visual equipment in each room. Students will also be able to utilize the Cyber Café and printing service, most of which can be accessed through wireless capabilities.

“Faculty and staff volunteers roam the facility informing all students of the access to these amenities,” Aguilar said. “In addition, we remind them the Union Building is open 24 hours that day and night.”

For more information about the Up All Night event, call 747-5648 or visit the Office of Student Life at 102 Union West.

Julia Hettiger may be reached at [email protected]