Low-wage workers ‘strike’ as Pope heads to D.C.


Amanda Guillen

Advocates sing, “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be all right,” from Bob Marley’s song “Three Little Birds.” They marched to the Capitol on Tuesday to advocate for better benefits for low-wage workers. Photo courtesy of SHFWire.

Amanda Guillen, SHFWire Reporter

WASHINGTON – Advocates welcomed Pope Francis to what they call the land of inequality as part of a march to the east front steps of the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday morning. The pope will speak there on Thursday.

The advocacy group Good Jobs Nation focuses on calling for sufficient benefits for low-wage workers along with encouraging federal contract companies to provide living wages for their employees.

The group includes low-wage workers who, according to their website, “serve America through federal contracts, concessions and leases with private businesses.” The website emphasizes that low-wage workers serve their employers who reap billions of dollars in profits from taxpayers every year.

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The peaceful marchers sang Bob Marley’s song “Three Little Birds.” Some some dressed in cassocks, the traditional clothing of the priests and the pope.

Some in the group held signs and some held crucifixes anticipating the pope’s arrival in D.C. late in the day. The group posted updates on the march on its twitter account,asking that, during his visit, Pope Francis send a message about the dignity of work.

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