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U.S. women ‘s soccer above the rest

The United States Women’s Soccer Team World Cup Championship was positive in many different aspects. It redeemed their World Cup Final loss of four years ago and put this squad of women among the rest of the U.S.’s sports greats. It also raised the question about why women’s soccer has been so successful, especially in comparison to the men.

No other country has as many resources for organized sports as the U.S. does. Both men and women, from a very young age, receive athletic opportunities that many don’t receive in other corners of the world.

No other country has devoted more programs and resources toward women’s athletics than the United States and although it’s a country with a myriad of sports, the one that has reaped the most benefits is soccer.

Another reason why the women have found more success then men may have something to do with options. Young boys have other option in athletics other than just soccer. Although most kids first play soccer, many of the top athletes tend to dedicate themselves to football, basketball or baseball.

If boys were to be more like girls in this case, the U.S men would do just as well.

Male athletes dominate in the Olympics and in almost every other sport other than soccer.

The rest of the world dedicates themselves to soccer, and the U.S. men do not. Even with the lack of commitment, the U.S. men still do well at the international level, but never as good as the women–not even close.

The women are different, they have limited opportunities for sports. Considering that women don’t usually play football, a much larger percentage tends to dedicate themselves to soccer. Unlike the rest of the world, sports are accepted in the U.S and encouraged. From youth leagues to camps, women have grown the sports of soccer the most here.

The proof is in the pudding. The women now have three World Cup Championships, and one silver medal, and they have been to the semi-finals more times than any other team. The United States has the most successful women’s soccer program in the world.

Many could consider what Germany and Japan have recently done at the World Cup to be just as impressive as the U.S., but although both the Germans and Japanese have been great, the U.S. program is still a notch ahead.

Prior to this World Cup, the Germans were the closest rivals in terms of accomplishments; some could argue they were even at the top of women’s soccer. After Canada 2015, the Americans have separated themselves. The third title put them ahead of Germany’s two, not to mention the fact that the U.S. eliminated the Europeans in this year’s semifinals.

The women have proved that if the resources are there and the dedication is there, a level of competition that is higher than the rest of the world is possible.

The national pastime in the U.S. is baseball, and the most popular sport is football, with basketball not far behind. Some may even consider hockey before soccer.

The game of men’s soccer is nowhere near the level of the rest of the world because it is not as dedicated as the women are. The women’s team is made up of players who have started with the sport and stuck with it.

This third championship puts the U.S. women’s program at a different level than any other women’s program anywhere else, and in a very enviable position when it comes to the men.

Now, with players such as Abby Wombach, who has been a presence for the team for over three world cups, retiring, the team will have to rebuild and retool. That won’t necessarily be the problem, because, like I said, the resources and the woman power is there. The interest in soccer for women will only grow with victories such as this one. Many more girls will see this team as an inspiration for the future.

The women’s soccer team is dominant because of the way that it is built. It is something that no other team can claim.  With another World Cup championship, the U.S has now separated themselves from the rest of the world. With a team that never seems to struggle much, the rest of the world can just watch as the U.S wins another championship and creates it’s place in history.

Juan Carlos Navarrete may be reached at [email protected]

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U.S. women ‘s soccer above the rest