Summer Bucket List: Mesilla, New Mexico

Christopher Zacherl, Multimedia Editor

As a college student, it’s not really satisfying to stay in El Paso for your entire summer vacation. In El Paso, many of us think that there’s nothing to do here. El Paso is not as entertaining as Austin or Los Angeles, obviously. But there’s also many things in this city and also just outside of this city to explore. So my girlfriend and I headed out to Mesilla, New Mexico.

Mesilla is about 45 minutes away from El Paso. It’s a small town right next to Las Cruces filled with mostly older people. Anyways, the reason why we went to Mesilla is because the town has a great scenery and they also have delicious food. We spent one day over there and drove back to El Paso.

Another reason why we went was to go shoot some photos of the town and explore the locally owned souvenir shops.

Driving out to Mesilla for a day trip should definitely be on your summer bucket list, especially as a college student. It’s a nice experience and a very simple drive from El Paso and back.

Enjoy the photos.