Joe Barron Band gives the country music scene a new beat


Photo courtesy Joe Barron Band Facebook

El Paso’s Joe Barron is a country band that has been playing shows at local establishments since 2011.

Julia Hettiger, Staff Reporter

What began as two bands playing together has resulted in one of El Paso’s fastest rising stars. Having shared a stage with musicians such as The Josh Abbot Band and Kenny Rogers, the local band and assayer of country music has taken El Paso by storm.

The band began playing gigs in 2011, continuing to make a name for themselves  by playing shows at local establishments. The Joe Barron Band is known for their covers of famous country songs as well as their own relatable, upbeat songs. The band is fronted by Joe Barron himself who got the idea to begin playing music while he was in college.

“I learned guitar in college when I was 19 or 20 years old,” Barron said. “Growing up, I was really influenced by George Strait, so I began playing.”

The other members of the band include drummer Mikey Jarnigan, bassist Rick Bolanos and Mark Ramos, who plays electric guitar.

Before The Joe Barron Band got together, Barron’s friends were in their own band, but after playing a few songs for them, the group decided to integrate him into their musical endeavor.

“I got together with some buddies of mine, and one night I played them a couple of songs, and they started playing with me,” Barron said. “Essentially, it was two bands playing together.”

Since then, they’ve merged into one rising country music favorite.

“It took five years, but two bands formed into one,” Barron said. “I have had several different people playing with me, including my friend who is a bass player, in the beginning he promised to find me musicians.”

Barron said he attributes choosing to play country music to the way he was raised.

“I grew up listening to George Strait and other country artists,” Barron said. “My family listens to country music, it’s my number one go-to and it is all I listen to in my truck.”

Besides listening to country music throughout his childhood, there were other influences on Barron that led him down the path to becoming a country artist.

“My mom had horses, so I’ve been around that lifestyle all of my life,” Barron said.

Before becoming a musician, Barron worked in an oil field.

“I worked there for two years, and it was the hardest work I have ever done,” Barron said. “It makes me really appreciate what I am doing now.”

Barron said being a musician is the best job he could ever have.

“The greatest thing about being a musician is I can make a living, there’s no nine to five schedule and I have a lot of freedom,” Barron said. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.”

Even after six years of musicianship, Barron plans to continue playing with the band and furthering his career as a singer.

“I’m auditioning for The Voice on July 26 in Los Angeles and I am not giving up,” Barron said. “And I’m going to keep working hard at it and play as much as possible, and I plan on travelling outside of El Paso more.”

You can catch The Joe Barron Band playing at the Cool Canyon Nights concerts at McKelligon Canyon or local bars such as Mark’s Cantina, Rock House and Tumbleweed. They will be opening for Thompson Square at Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss on July 3. The band is also working on releasing their first ever music video.

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