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Modeling, the sport of beauty

Blake Lanham

If you are into the world of fashion, or have outlets that let you know about it, there is a big chance that you got some sort of glimpse the New York Fashion Week.

From the latest in fashion to the predictable big stars present at the event, it is designed to be both a hype machine and celebration for the people involved in the industry.

However, at the end of the day, the event leaves every mortal with one desire above all, to be that beautiful person who gets fame and fortune from walking down the runway and showing the world just how fabulous they are.

If that happens to be your case or that of anyone you know, then allow me to give you some insight into the world of fashion, albeit  a smaller stage.

First off, I am a sports fanatic and enthusiast who can’t get enough of them. They pretty much rule my life and I like to compare everything to them.

Second, through a series of circumstances, I had the opportunity of signing and being a part of a local modeling agency.

Naturally, I approached the modeling opportunity from a sports angle. I tried to find a game plan and made sure everything was as game ready as possible.

To my surprise, the whole experience was oddly similar to the world of sports that I love so much, and always sought a way into.

Among the first things that I experienced was a face-to-face interview with a boss from the agency. Think of it along the lines of the interviews of the NFL­— combine–you sit down for a lengthy interview and all sorts of different questions are hurled at you and this helps determine if you have the mental makeup to be a model.

This may be surprising for some, but modeling takes a lot of mental fortitude since it can be full of denial and negativity.

This is similar to sports, but in modeling it can be much harder because you can be denied based on looks alone.

Never mind having a spectacular body or knowing how to walk down the runway, if you don’t have the look someone is looking for, you are not getting a shot to showcase any talent you may have.

The second factor is the makeup of your body and how much this actually plays a part.

Having a good body is extremely important, not so much from the perspective of how it makes you look, but rather of how you can make the product you are modeling for look. Let’s not forget, at the end of the day, models are there to promote something, rather than the other way around.

Throughout most of my life, I have been in fairly good shape, not Cristiano Ronaldo shape, but still decent enough from years of playing sports and working out.

When I first started as a model, I was not in the best shape ever, but I was quickly reminded of the type of game I was now playing.

“Alright, shirts off we need to see how your abs are doing. A client wants a guy with good abs because you will be appearing shirtless should you be selected,” said our coach, who was explaining the details of an possible upcoming job.

I didn’t get that job, but it served to show me that I needed to change my game plan. From my nutrition to my workout ethic, I had to step up my intensity if I wanted to win.

This is the part of modeling that most often gets a bad rep from both men and women. The men are trying everything to get the perfect muscle tone. Women also take drastic measures to get perfect measurements.

I personally didn’t witness anything myself, but the stories of people who were putting themselves through harsh measures were prevalent.

If this look into the world of modeling seems short or lacking in content, it’s due to the fact that I didn’t last long in the business for one reason. Modeling careers can be extremely short.

If you only get one thing from all this it should be that much like NFL players, you don’t have a long shelf life as a model. Models live off their looks and if you lose them you are done.

In my case, a broken wrist shattered my shot since it meant being out for a long time and not having the opportunity to work out to maintain myself in top shape.

Perhaps, I could have attempted a comeback, but much like sports. I knew the next man was up and it would be a hard task to compete against the new talent.

Similar to sports, it’s incredible if you manage to make it to the top, but always keep in mind that in both instances, many are the ones who are celled forth, however only a few are chosen.

Alonso Moreno may be reached at the [email protected].

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Modeling, the sport of beauty