Fighting Miners lead the way

Maria Esquinca

Maria Esquinca, Copy Editor

UTEP ROTC students pushed, pulled, ran and lifted their way through a series of courses at the 2015 squad competition Feb. 17.

The event consisted of 12 events that tested ROTC students in various skills. Included in the course was a rope run, a tire flip, ski run and a grenade course.

“The main goal we’re trying to accomplish out here is to go ahead and build camaraderie and teamwork,” said Cadet Captain Javier Chaparro, senior mechanical engineering major and organizer of the squad competition. “It’s going to make them more adaptable in the future, whatever situation they face.”

There were 58 students in the competition, who were divided up into seven squads.

The event took about an hour to complete, where the third squad won the competition.

“The goal at the end of the road, once they commission, is to ensure they are genuinely a skillful tactical leader, who’s able to lead people in a high-stress environment,” said Cadet Captain Marcos Myers, senior criminal justice major.

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