Chocolate treats warm up The Fountains at Farah


Andres Martinez

Guests had the chance to have a variety of treats and enjoy live music on Thu. Jan. 29.

Alexandra Cardwell, Staff Reporter

A large crowd of eager residents waited at the Fountains at Farah to enter the fourth annual  chocolate affair on Jan. 29.

Wine tasting was available for people 21 and older, live music by Billy Townes, and of course, plenty of chocolate samples by local chocolate vendors and bakers.

The live events manager for Town Square Media, Veronica Hernandez, said that the event sold out the same night of the event and was a success.

“It was a little colder than usual, but I think that people still had a lot of fun,” Hernandez said.

Despite the low temperatures, many people gathered around  heaters while eating cupcakes, truffles, assorted chocolate covered fruits, pretzels and cakes. The weather provided a friendly atmosphere, as strangers became friends under the warm tents of local vendors.

Alex Corby, a performer for Odd Lab said, “the weather may be crazy, but the events are always exciting.”

Performers of Odd Lab danced with LED-lit hula-hoops. Corby, along with co-worker, Tieas Cones, juggled while riding a unicycle as guests waited for their samples.

As soon as attendees entered the Fountain Kiosk check-in at the KISS FM tent located at the back of the pavillon, they were offered a free water bottle.

Attendees were then given a passport that would be signed by each vendor after each sample was given.

An event map was also provided so that guests would be immediately informed about the names of each vendor.

In total, there were 35 different venders, which included two mobile trucks, one chocolate fountain, 16 chocolate vendors, 11 booths and five other vendors at the chocolate liqueur lounge, which provided wine and chocolate liqueur samples by the Republic Wine Division.

There were many crowds at each vendor, resulting in limited space for walking around. Some people were in the gravel areas because that seemed to be the only space available to walk.    

Hernandez said the theme of a chocolate factory would make guests feel like they were walking through the process of making chocolate, showing the many different kinds of things that people can do with it.

“We wanted a variety, having all sorts of treats this year,” Hernandez said.

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