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The time of my life

How to write farewell columns for Dummies—yes, this book would have helped me in this moment, as I desperately bite my unmanicured nails and stare at the blinking cursor that seems to mock me to the beat of procrastination. I realize the reason my brain has decided to take a break is not because of the lack of ideas but because I’m trying to capture and do justice to a very good experience.

Yes, I’m currently in the first stage of denial.

When I became a sophomore I decided I was ready to challenge myself and try something completely out of my comfort zone, writing. This decision seemed to happily fit my curious nature, and yes, those of you that know me know it has gotten me in trouble and placed my sister and me (sorry sis) in more awkward situations than I care to count, but this time around the result was favorable.

Starting as a contributor and having very little experience in articles was very overwhelming and quite scary, #noshameinmygame #keepingithonest. I remember my first interview, after a solid 15-min conversation, and about four pages full of notes I kept thinking, “Now what?” Things started to pick up though, thanks to my great editor @AlejandroAlba, and I started to get more familiar with the style of writing.

A few semesters, and several cups of coffee later, I find myself here, writing my farewell column, in the very same spot where, I began this journey. At least I’m happy to report that I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it’s useless to do my nails,

I must admit time flew by, I’m humbled to have been entrusted with the Entertainment section for over one year and I’m happy to have been part of a such a committed and dedicated team. I’m also very proud for contributing to The Prospector’s Centennial Issue that despite the overwhelming workload and endless deadlines, the #prospy team produced the first ever 100-pager in history after sleepless nights in which this issue took the protagonist role in my dreams. But we always knew we would make it, I mean what was the rush right?

So, as I prepare to graduate in a few days, (because there is no such thing as preparing for something this overwhelming), and I get ready to make a turn in this very fortunate adventure, I take with me a heavy tool kit that I’m lucky to have acquired for the past two years by working at The Prospector; the many friendships I’m so lucky to have made; and my newfound love for journalism. Im gratified that The Prospector gave me one of the best experiences of my life, but I’m also gratified that I was able to tell someone’s story and translate it into writing and to have met many interesting people along the way with such a bright future ahead of them.

I will definitely be missing The Prospector and the familiar voices I would hear as I would stepped into the office, being greeted by my fellow co-workers.

So I want to take this time to thank the many people that contributed to this amazing experience. Thank you mom and dad, for all your love and support, for always believing in me and for all those rides to and from interviews when I first started. God, for giving me the strength, I’m blessed; to my brothers for trying to stay up late with me as I tried to meet my deadlines and balance work, school and the paper. Thank you @AlejandroAlba for hiring me, for which I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t. Thanks for pushing me and believing in me; @MichaelaRomán and @JasmineAguilera, thank you for saving me from the dangers of mainstream music; thank you @Luis Gonzalez, for striking a tune once in a while; @Javier Cortez,  you brought honesty to a whole new different level, thanks for the interesting conversations about marriage during production nights; @MarcyLuna, @IsabelCastillo and @VeroGonzalez for your constant support and helpful advice; @DiegoBurciaga thank you for being a good listener and always willing to help; @LorainWatters for hitting the highest pitched laugh I’ve ever heard, thank you for making us laugh with you not really knowing exactly why; @AmandaGuillen thanks for lightening up the office with your energetic and contagious personality; and @JacoboDeLaRosa thank you for reminding me that I can’t count on you to go eat at Chicos Tacos because you won’t stop making fun of me; and @KathyFlores thank you for being an approachable advisor and for giving me a good laugh every time I approached your office and saw you pout because you thought I was mad at you. Thank you to all the editorial and advertising staff for the hard work you produced every week.

 As for me?  Well, I will continue to be curious, take one challenge at a time, and strive to make my very own bright future. Being part of the newspaper has opened new doors for me that I can’t wait to enter. Thanks to everyone and anyone that made this experience rewarding and made me a better writer.

Andrea E. Acosta may NOT be reached at [email protected].

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The time of my life