Here’s looking at you kid

Jasmine Aguilera , Editor In Chief

Aaron Martinez and Salvador Guerrero, for believing in me as soon as I got hired and helping me move up in ranks. Diego Burciaga for hanging in there with me the last three years and coming up with some amazing award-winning designs.

Kristopher Rivera, for always turning a stressful situation into a fun one. Edwin Delgado, for the silly prank I mentioned earlier. Andrea Acosta, Amanda Guillen and Vero Gonzalez for brightening up the room whenever you walk in.

Javier Cortez (with a Z) for frustrating the hell out of me, it was always fun fighting with you. Michaela Roman for your awesome taste in music and all the times you amazed me with your amazing photography.

Jacobo De La Rosa and Luis Gonzales, although I only got to work with you guys for one semester, you guys make me smile so much that I feel like I’ve known you even longer. Always keep singing.

Thank you to all of the reporters I’ve been able to work with. All of you have such great potential and I hope you all get as much out of The Prospector as I have.

wLastly, thank you to the people outside of The Prospector who have changed my life. Jody Beck at Scripps Howard for being the smartest person I’ve ever met. Joe Stars at The Institute on Political Journalism, for your heart of gold. Zita Arocha at Borderzine for being patient with me and allowing me to publish some of my best work.

Basilisa Alonso, Jess Miller, Matt Nelson, Eddie Ameh, Ian Kullgren, Amy Slanchik, Tianna Mañon, Michal Magusin and Tyler Snowdell, my intern family, I’ll love you guys forever.

Jasmine Aguilera may NOT be reached at [email protected].