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Assayer of Student Opinion.

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Assayer of Student Opinion.

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3 years and more than 200 issues later

It was three years and four months ago that I transferred from the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez and started my first semester at UTEP. A week before class began, I started looking for a job. Some one told me about Job Mine, I logged in and one of the first positions available for graphic designers was at this office, The Prospector.

I applied online, but I thought that it was not enough to assure me the job, so I decided to go in person.

It was Friday and it was around 5 p.m., the doors were closed and it seemed like nobody was inside. I knocked a few times, and a short, Asian-like woman opened the door. She looked like a nice lady, I introduced myself and explained my intentions.She replied: “Great! We have one graphic designer position available right now… Fill this application and… By the way, do you have your resume with you?” —“Yes, I do have it”— I replied.

By this time, she never said her name, so I asked her, and in a somewhat funny way she answered with: “Oh! I’m Kathy Flores and I am the boss… You were lucky that I was here at this time.”

By Sunday I had my interview and a training of about an hour on how to put together a newspaper. I had never done a full newspaper by myself. I had experience with the program, but nothing like finishing a 24-pager in eight hours. By the end of the training, Aaron Martinez, the editor-in-chief at the time, told me that I was going to start the next day.

As of today, I’ve been blessed to have contributed with approximately 213 issues and one Centennial Issue, which was the hardest challenge I’ve ever had while working here. I’ve earned around 14 awards, which would have been impossible to achieve without my peers and friends’ help. I participated as Art Director for Minero Magazine, and contributed as a graphic designer around three times and photo editor once. We have done many photo sessions and I’ve written two columns—this one being the second one.

But that is not it. In these past three years I’ve worked with five editors-in-chief, five photo editors, five entertainment editors, five sports editors and countless writers and photographers. I’ve met wonderful people, some of them still around and others are working in New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles and God knows where else.

I have not had time these past days to think and thank God for how blessed I’ve been having this job.

I am not going to lie, it has been hard, but it has been very rewarding.

There are many things that I’m going to miss (except the crazy hour shifts), a lot of great memories, moments that will not come back but that I enjoyed in company of friends, laughs that we shared, stress that obviously was always present, but always knowing we got each others back.

Finally, I want to thank my friends at The Prospector (in hierarchical order). Kathy, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work here; Marcy, thanks for always being sweet and having a big smile when receiving us; Vero G., your professional advice and help when we needed; Jasmine, your patience, partnership and leadership during these years; Andrea, for your willingness to hear me whenever I needed and giving me your advice; Michaela, your effort and passion for getting the best pictures for the issue; Amanda, your leadership and determination to get us through the Centennial Issue; Javier, your humor and for the interesting discussions we had; Luis G., I wish we would’ve worked longer, however thanks for joining in on every game on production night; Jacobo, thanks for your effort and dedication when learning and preparing to become the new layout editor.

To the readers, I hope I’ve done well putting this layout together. Every cover had hours of work and dedication, some more than others, but with the sole purpose of making this publication better for you. And for sure, my parents who have been always supporting me on every step I take, I love you. Thank you.

Diego Burciaga may NOT be reached at [email protected].

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3 years and more than 200 issues later