Are sexy Halloween costumes demeaning or freeing? Freeing

Are sexy Halloween costumes demeaning or freeing? Freeing

Amanda Guillen , Managing Editor

When you try on your new outfit after countless attempts to get it just right, you feel confident, secure
and beautiful.

Clothing is a figure of expression and it should enhance the way you feel on the inside. Not everyone favors the laid-back t-shirt and jeans look, and not everyone favors the put together clean-cut style. The beauty of what makes us different is that you gain knowledge and understanding that not everyone is just like you.

When going out on Halloween night, I tend to see a variety of costumes, scary, cute, cool and sexy.

Just like everyday wardrobe, costumes are an extension of one’s own personality. It is the one time of the year that you can dress up as whoever you want. I like to think of it as an exaggerated expression of
someone’s personality.

You often hear that one famous line from that one famous movie where they say, “Halloween is the one time of year where girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

This is something that I disagree with completely. When you call someone a name or demean the way they are dressed, you are
passing judgment.

Personally, I think that anyone can dress up however they like. Labels should not be put on people when we are supposed to be celebrating individuality and freedom of expression.

Whether you feel that costumes are supposed to be appropriate or not, that is the decision of the person wearing the costume.

As a female, I shouldn’t be scared to wear a certain costume because of the fact that I might be objectified or that I might have ugly stares glancing my way. It is my body that is wearing the costume and my wallet and time being invested into it.

If we are going to blame women for dressing provocatively in their Halloween costumes, then we have really not come very far.

Placing the blame on women and saying that they should cover up because then guys will get a bad idea is wrong. Guys or any others that pass judgment should be shamed just the same, in fact even more so for looking down on one’s own personal choice
of clothing.

When walking through the mall, in this case the costume shop, I shouldn’t feel discomfort when selecting my costume. I should feel creative and be able to express myself in whatever way I would like.

Clothes should never determine a person’s character. So ladies, and even gentlemen, if you opt for a sexier choice in costume this year, remember to always be yourself and don’t forget that your costume is an extension of your personality, not something to be defined by.

Don’t let others call you something you’re not, as long as you stay true to yourself you shouldn’t be bothered by what others say.

Amanda Guillen may be reached at [email protected].